Author Topic: JLC Law Firm is helping former students of Hyde School  (Read 2282 times)

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JLC Law Firm is helping former students of Hyde School
« on: December 06, 2023, 01:22:15 PM »
Justice Law Collaborative is helping Hyde Students who have complaints.

The Hyde Boarding Schools of Woodstock, CT and Bath, ME

JLC is currently representing a group of brave survivors who attended the Hyde School (both the Woodstock, CT location and the Bath, ME location). Since its founding in 1966, the school has been marketed as a behavioral modification program for teenagers (ages 14-18) with emotional or behavioral problems.

The Hyde School case stands as a notable instance within the sphere of education and parental rights. This case, which garnered widespread attention, unfolded in the late 1990s, shedding light on the intricate balance between a school's disciplinary measures and the rights of parents to advocate for their children. At its core, the Hyde School revolved around the expulsion of two students from the prestigious Hyde boarding school. The school, renowned for its character-based education and emphasis on personal growth, faced scrutiny when it expelled the students for alleged drug-related infractions.

The dispute escalated when the students' parents, dissatisfied with the school's decision, pursued legal action. They contended that the expulsion was unjust and that the school had overstepped its boundaries. This case quickly evolved beyond a mere disciplinary matter, becoming a focal point for discussions surrounding parental rights, school authority, and the responsibility of educational institutions in shaping students' characters.

The legal battle ensued, with arguments centering on whether the school had the right to set its own disciplinary standards and whether the parents had a legitimate claim in challenging the institution's decision-making process. The case drew attention from educators, legal experts, and parents across the nation, sparking debates on the delicate balance between a school's autonomy in disciplining its students and the role of parents in advocating for their children's best interests.

Ultimately, the Hyde School case concluded with a settlement that involved both parties, but its impact reverberated throughout the education sector. It highlighted the need for clear communication between schools and parents, the importance of transparent disciplinary policies, and the significance of finding common ground in fostering students' growth while respecting parental concerns.

Accounts of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, medical neglect and corporal punishment were rampant at Hyde, as corroborated by the courageous survivors who have shared their truth with JLC. JLC is working diligently to ensure that Hyde survivors obtain the justice they deserve.

We at JLC understand that the fight for justice is never-ending, regardless of the verdict. If you or someone you know is in need of legal assistance regarding this case, please call our office at 508-230-2700 or email us at [email protected]


Schools, Boarding Schools, Colleges and University Lawsuits
If you or a loved one was harmed as a result of a school?s misconduct, you should know your rights and consult with attorneys with a proven track record in helping survivors. We have extensive experience representing students harmed as a result of misconduct at a school involving neglect, abuse, violations of Title IX, breach of contract, and claims of wrongful death of students by suicide.

Justice Law Collaborative advocates those who suffer harm as a result of a school?s misconduct. We fight for justice on your terms. At Justice Law Collaborative, our trauma-informed perspective to legal representation ensures you and your family are heard at every stage of a case and empowers you to regain your power. We have extensive experience representing students harmed as a result of misconduct at a school involving neglect, abuse, violations of Title IX, breach of contract, and claims of wrongful death of students by suicide.

The legal process is an effective and therapeutic tool to facilitate the healing process for many individuals and families that we represent. We present those harmed an opportunity to regain their power by holding the responsible parties accountable and through obtaining important change to protect others in the future. Justice Law Collaborative puts our clients? well-being first and ensures that you have the support you need around you to fight for justice.

The lawyers at Justice Law Collaborative have extensive experience in obtaining substantial financial results that our clients deserve. But our lawyers do not stop there, we also have fought and obtained important changes in law that provide access to justice, and we also force these institutions to implement procedures and protocols that address their misconduct and prevent future harm.

Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of students at educational institutions is a recognized and foreseeable risk from which schools have an obligation to proactively protect their students. Schools can be liable if they do not adequately screen candidates prior to hiring them or if they fail to adequately supervise them once they are hired. They can also be liable for their actions or inactions following allegations of abuse, as well as for failing to implement and enforce safeguards to prevent abuse by school employees, staff members, volunteers and student peers. Often times, school administrators will intentionally cover up incidents of abuse and harassment to protect their reputation, fostering a culture of abuse and allowing it to continue unchecked for decades.

Abuse at schools can take many forms:
Sexual Abuse and grooming by staff, teachers, coaches, administrators, or other students

Physical Abuse

Hazing, Bullying and Cyberbullying

Emotional Abuse

Unnecessary and Embarrassing Punishments

Failure by the School to Report Abuse, Mistreatment, and Serious Mental Health Issues

Retaliation for Reporting Abuse or Assault


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Re: JLC Law Firm is helping former students of Hyde School
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This is still happening I think.