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Reviews for Solstice in Layton, Utah
« on: August 20, 2023, 03:33:02 AM »
Found som random views of this program:

Quote from: Savanna P. on Yelp
Please read the Yelp reviews, they can and have taken down reviews that do not go against Google review guidelines!
I left this program with better social skills but only because I was learning what to say and what not to say in order to not be punished and to eventually leave.
People were put on safety for eating a skittle off the ground.
I was screamed at and abused by a staff, that turned out to be a convicted arsonist (records are available if you call the local police station), because I didn't hear her saying to let a therapist get French fries before me when it was my turn to get food. It was so bad that I hid under a table, and it was then that she started threatening to take my level.
I was held for way too long because they wanted my mom's money.
I was berated  for loving  Harry Potter (most staff were Mormon)
Others had to use me as a stepping stool to get out of the program.
My therapist told my transgender friend that he was just a confused lesbian because he was assaulted.
Said transgender friend walked away from a conversation with staff and as a result was unnecessarily tackled to the ground and restrained by four staff.
One of my friends was on com block for a month. Which basically means they forbade her to speak for a whole month.

I was put on safety for running out of the bathroom located inside my room with a towel wrapped around me and pants on to get a shirt I forgot (I was about to be late and people were punished for not having woke up, gotten 100% ready for the day, cleaned their room and getting out of the room within 25 minutes of another resident waking us up (said resident was assigned to wake up ten minutes early to wake everyone else up and they also would keep track of the time for everybody else)) when Kim from admissions who was horrible to us started shouting, "SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY!" at me, if this gives you an idea of how much staff abused safety phase. Within three days of my graduation I was having nightmares and would literally wake up screaming, my mother as my witness.
One male staff was super creepy.
They made workouts unsafe.
A group was called by the before mentioned arsonist staff to tell people to not talkto me because I wanted attention.
We weren't allowed to speak to our parents for an extended period of time when we first got there, so that Solstice could use that time to make our parents think that we would say and even make up anything to get to go home.

Quote from: Sophie R. on Yelp
0 stars. abuse. neglect. i have severe ptsd from my time at solstice and i resent my parents for life for what i went thru. if you love your child, dont fucking send them away to some bull shit abusive compound in the middle of utah. fuck you if you have ever sent your child away. what a way to bail on parenting. go ahead and give up then. fuck you solstice and fuck you to the "parents" who send their children away. may you rot in hell.

Quote from: Jesse G. on Yelp
Your child will be brutally emotionally abused daily. I was there for 11 months and 4 years later my PTSD from Solstice is still so severe I have an incredibly hard time functioning as an adult. They take away every right, treat you like a criminal who deserves nothing, and constantly tell you you are a bad kid who deserves to be punished for every mistake. I promise you if your child needs this level of help they are already suffering enough, they do not need to be punished farther. This will ruin their childhood. This will drive a wedge between you and your child for the rest of their life when they get out and realize how bad it really was and that you sent them there. Please listen to the people who actually lived through it not parents. Any time parents visit they treat us completely differently. This is cruel child abuse that no one deserves. They should not be in business after they have ruined so many peoples young lives. They delete many past residents google reviews which speak volumes.

Quote from: Adrian H.  on Yelp
This place is absolutely awful. Do not send your kid here. Or anywhere in Utah for that matter. Sending a kid away to a program like this can do more damage than good, especially if the program blatantly ignored abuse and the laws. I have first hand experienced awful treatment and care that ended up with me regressing fully into the person I was before my previous programs. This place should honestly be shut down. They isolate gay kids, there's always an inappropriate staff and student relationship, and refused to respect and support my religion. They have done so many harmful things and legitimate refused to listen to listen to me ask for help. Everyone that I have met up with since, has suffered a great deal because of this place. I still wake up shaking from nightmares. If any parent needs to talk to someone about where to go, they can always reach out and contact me.

Quote from: Hollis H. on Yelp
I went to Solstice in 2012 and let me tell you, it was a mess. I am not someone who is bitter about my time there, nor do I write this to get back at the hell they caused me. I am writing this because parents and young women need to know the harsh reality of what it was like to be at Solstice. I don't even know where to begin...for starers, my therapist was terrible. Her name was Melissa and she is the main root of my trauma from Solstice. I will never forget the day she told me that my mother was never going to be stable and that I would always be as sick her. I cannot explain the amount of dread my whole body experienced when meeting with Melissa. When I explained my distrust with her, I was immediately silenced. Because I was the patient and she was the therapist. Therefore nothing I said had validity unless it was what THEY wanted to hear. I am graduating college with a double major and a minor with a 3.7 GPA. I am not a dumb girl. I know the rights and the wrongs and I know what a healthy patient-therapist relationship looks like. No one had that with Melissa.
Another instance I witnessed a terrible restraint that brought me to tears. A young girl was restrained because she was sitting on the floor. yes, she was refusing to move but I assure you this girl was simply being defiant... she was no danger to anyone. Sadly, this provided a perfect opportunity for staff to once again abuse their power. Three male staff grabbed her to try and take her away only to end up wrestling and pinning her to the ground. The girl struggled and had a panic attack to which the staff laughed and continued to restrain her. Imagine this violence against your daughter.
Lastly, I will NEVER forget when Melissa and I looked at my blog where I had a photo of myself when I was struggling with anorexia and Melissa laughed because I "just looked bizarre". She did not have any compassion for me, and apparently no knowledge on how to deal with eating disorders.
I witnessed countless girls get verbally abused by staff who would later lie when the RT tried to bring it up. I know that I grew fearful for ever slipping up, for ever losing control. The whole place was a game and you just had to learn the hard way how to play it right. Everyone threw everyone under the bus. No one was honest. I don't know a single girl that was there during my time that had a good experience. Adult staff that worked there that had quit were willing to put forth testimonies about the injustices. If that doesn't convince you I don't know what will.

email me with any questions or concerns, [email protected]