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Whetstone Academy - investigation thread
« on: July 31, 2023, 03:06:58 AM »
After the sexual lawsuit thing which is common in that line of business, we have decided to find testimonies before their marketing department makes them go away.

From Google:

Quote from: H Freeman
I cannot day I didn?t get anything from whetstone, but I also can?t say what I got was good. All positive things I improved on were by my own doing of being so bored by the actual lack of things to do. Anything fun we had was usually taken away and then dangled in front of us as a means of getting us to comply. Then there?s the education, if the price wasn?t bad enough, my family had to spend more money on summer school to catch me up to where I was before. I would recommend just sending your kids to wilderness instead, half the price for twice the effect

Quote from: Luke Baumgardner
The teachers and hands on staff are great but in the administration building are non trustworthy. They will lie to you. Do not recommend

Quote from: Harrison spear
This place is literally aweful all they want is your money the staff are fine it?s the management that sucks

From Course Hero:

Quote from: KidHeat13220
It was six in the morning at my old therapeutic boarding school, Whetstone academy. This place is up in the mountains of south carolina. I was advancing in the program and that's when you go to a "transition house" and after dinner you will go to sleep there and do chores to get you back into a normal living state. So the day before I go see my family for christmas break something wild happens. This is where I almost died.
5:35 pm our staff that takes us to the lake house arrives. My two friends Will and shepherd are staying in the lake house with me. I noticed weird facial expressions from them at the time I hadn't picked up what was going on. I later noticed that Josh was quiet. We all got in the car and Will told me that he thought that Josh was drunk. I was very unsettled at that point in time to hear that the person that was driving the car to the lake house down very dark and rocky roads was drunk.
We all looked at each other with scared looks and Will was getting pretty scared. I noticed that we were going way past the speed limit. Then BAM! The mirror on the passenger side of the car explodes off of the car, sparks fly and at that point I was laughing at what had just happened but at the same time I was about to soil myself. We continue on and Josh does not say a word about the mirror that was dangling off of the car. Will was starting to cry and we all thought we were going to die. Josh keeps driving, swerving back and forth from side to side, we somehow are not dead yet.
We were going down the road and we started driving on the wrong side of the road and we almost hit an oncoming car but luckily the car swerved off of the road to avoid us.We family  got to the Lake House and Josh tries to fix the mirror that was shattered and torn apart from the impact of the mailbox. After Josh unlocked the door to the Lake House he went straight for the bed and passed out. He was one hundred percent drunk. We stayed in the basement of the lakehouse. Upstairs is where the owner of the boarding school lives. I wanted to go and tell him what had just happened to us, but Will didn't want me to. I shoved him out of the way because I knew that we were in a life threatening situation.
 I knocked on the door of the upstairs of the house and the door swung open. It was hard to tell him what had happened to one of his employees but I managed to get it all out. He asked me where he was and I said that he was in the staff bedroom and passed out on the bed. He was glad that I had told him about the situation and he made us go to the other house owned by the boarding school to wait there until another staff member could arrive. We called our parents when we were over there and the owner called and emailed each of our parents. After Nick, our weekend staff member, had arrived we went back into the house and Josh was gone.
After that night I went home for Christmas break and had a whole story to tell my parents. You never know what could happen at any point in time in life. It could end in an instant like it almost did for me that very night.