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Arrest of employee from Oasis Ascent in Millcreek, Utah


An employee of Oasis Ascent located in MillCreek, Utah was arrested, charged with  sexually abusing a resident.

Mentor at Millcreek youth treatment facility charged with sexual abuse (KSL news)

Looking into the facility, this review was found on Google. It does not sound good.

--- Quote from: Michael Andersen ---Oasis Ascent is just Discovery Academy under a new name. The same directors are in charge of it and I'm sure the same dysfunctional organizational structure is in place.

This place lost its academic accreditation in the summer of 2022 because they tried to claim that having teachers with licenses at one of their campuses counted as having licensed teachers at all of their campuses, even though the teachers in Provo would never actually meet the students in Cedar City, for example.

Watch out for this place; they lie like crazy.
--- End quote ---

Further sources:
Oasis Ascent (2021-present) Millcreek, UT (BreakingCodeSilence)


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