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Georgia Wilderness program: First light wilderness


The feedback from this program which is run from an address in Dahlonega, Georgia is not that positive.

--- Quote ---Xu's testimoney

The program lied to my parents giving false legal information saying if i left the state of Georgia it would complicate my felony even more because the place is so depressing me and a friend of mine there tried running away and we happend to come across a car with its door open and keys inside to swindle more cash pre day during my stay there in GA 2 the boys group 1 tried to kill them selfs 1 ran away 5 times turned 18 and finally ran away they over charge the worth of this program by priceless amounts WOULD NOT RECOMMEND if you have a troubled teen it would be much more beneficial to talk to them and provide care your self or send them to a residential or rehab facility the kid who tried to kill him self was there for 90 days and got kicked out last minute and all the program did was recommend him to another program a absolute WASTE OF MONEY

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---White's parent-testimony

I regret taking my son here.  He attempted suicide TWICE because of this program.  My son isn?t the same anymore because of the trauma this program causes.

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They were foundedi in 2020.

First Light Wilderness Therapy (2020-present) Dahlonega, GA (Anti-Troubled Teen Industry Activism & Survivor Support)


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