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Political Mental Illness Infects US Doctors


The Talbott kooks have long been involved in the craziest of ASAM shennanigans, which is likely why the organization held such appeal to the All About Receiving Cash sect in Calgary, Canada.
"In May, 1999, just after Talbott stepped down as president of ASAM, a jury awarded Dr. Leonard Masters, of Jacksonville Florida, a judgment of $1.3 million against Talbott, his daughter-in-law Morrison, and other Talbott associates for malpractice, fraud, and false imprisonment, based on Masters' stay with Talbott in 1994. Testifying at Masters' trial that he was not in fact alcohol dependent, as he had been diagnosed by Talbott et al., was Anne Geller, the president of ASAM prior to Talbott. Talbott's attorneys quickly settled with the plaintiff before the jury decided on punitive damages against Talbott and his colleagues (an amount which is usually a multiple of the compensatory damages that had already been awarded)."

The Talbott monstrosity is also linked directly to the use of substance abuse diagnoses to control rogue physicians in the US.
Survivors of the Seed/Straight/Kids/AARC phenomenon will recognize this:

"According to Talbott, ?impaired doctors must first acknowledge their addiction and overcome their ?terminal uniqueness? before they can deal with a drug or alcohol problem.? ?Terminal uniqueness ? is a phrase Talbott uses to describe doctors? tendency to think they can heal themselves."

This phenomenon of silencing doctors through diagnosis with mental illness is now being used in Covidmania:


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