Author Topic: The following is an email TJ received from a United States senator  (Read 12911 times)

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The following is an email I received from a United States senator.
Just so everyone is aware that you are being heard.
Dear Mr. Nilssen,

Thank you for your film, The Last Stop, which I watched this evening. It was extraordinary.

As a policy maker concerned about institutions for all people, and most recently focused on residential programs for children and youth, one of the biggest barriers to change is the belief that “no one else will take these kids.” Your film did such a good job of acknowledging the challenges that trauma, addiction and mental illness create for young people and those who try to support them. At the same time, it made it clear that such complexity is no excuse for such abuse. I’ve never seen this articulated as well as it is in your film.

I am glad that Èlan is closed. I’m heartbroken that the industry continues, and that elements of the program have simply been rebranded and hidden. As your film points out, announced licensing visits allow these problems and abuses to persist. Much abuse is hidden behind glossy brochures and just the right words. The programs and those who profit for them are directly accountable for the harm done to kids. However, our states are also responsible because our laws, rules and practices fail to regulate the industry. That must change, and I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make that happen. If I can ever be of assistance, please let me know.

Again, thank you and congratulations on a really phenomenal film. And I am so sorry for what you had to experience.

Senator Sara Gelser
Chair, Senate Human Services Committee