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"As the AIR proposal had not so subtly hinted, ARPA?s behavioral science programs in Southeast Asia went hand in hand with a bloodier and more traditional counterinsurgency policy: covert programs of murder, terror, and torture that collectively came to be known as the Phoenix Program."

"DARPA ? Advancing mRNA therapies and vaccines for biodefense"

"In character with President Clinton?s emphasis on economic growth, the Department of Defense restored DARPA?s original name, ARPA, to, in the words of a letter distributed by William Perry, then Deputy Secretary of Defense, ?to expand the agency?s mission to pursue imaginative and innovative research and development projects having a significant potential for both military and commercial (dual-use) applications.? In 1996, the Agency again would pick up that D, for Defense, and become known once again as DARPA."

"COVID-19 erased the regulatory and trial-related hurdles that Moderna could never surmount before. Yet, how did Moderna know that COVID-19 would create those conditions months before anyone else, and why did they later claim that their vaccine being tested in NIH trials was different than their commercial candidate?"


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