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The tragic loss of all hands on a Visionquest boat (1980)


A 25 foot sailboat sent out on the open Pacific ocean by Visionquest on a survival cruise became a death trap when lack of seaman ship and possible ignoring of weather forecast meant that the sailboat was caught in a storm the crew and students could not survive.

Among the deaths were:

* 15-year-old Robert Doyle Erwin
* Lyle Foodroy
* 17-year-old Robert Zimmerman
* 16-year-old Charles Lucas
* 14-year-old James Lamb
* 19-year-old Bernard Reefer
* 17-year-old Eric David Schibley
Did that stop Visionquest from sending teenagers out into open sea? No. What was then learned? What is your opinion on that?


* A body found by a Mexican fisherman during the... (UPI News)
* Visionquest cited in boat deaths (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
* Search on for missing Teens on survival trip (The Bryan Times)


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