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Hyde Nepotism - Gaulds, Hurds, Macmillans, Grants, and so many more!


Gaulds and all the spouses/relatives of the Gaulds:

* Joseph "Joe" Gauld, founder
* Laura Denton Gauld & Malcolm Gauld, current presidents/heads of Hyde, Joe's son and daughter in law
* Paul Hurd & Laurie Gauld Hurd (former heads of Hyde), their children
* Georgia "Gigi" Gauld Macmillan & Donald Macmillan (former heads & employees of Hyde). & their children
* Kenneth Grant & Claire Denton Grant (Laura Gauld's sister), & their children

Then there are a ton more faculty who maybe went to Hyde, came back after and married another Hyde faculty member and had some kids and then put their kids in Hyde for no charge.  That is a long list, will come back later with it.

Here is Joe Gauld and his kids and their spouses that was posted on Facebook:

Trulucks, Brawns, Felts, Bayreuthers, warnicks, Nelsons, fishers, McCranns, folans, Dubinskys, maguires, lobozzos, Dawes


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