Author Topic: Hyde Founder Joe Gauld RESIGNS over leaked conversation about rape  (Read 6165 times)

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See screenshots of a conversation 93 year old Hyde School founder Joe Gauld had in the beginning of 2021 with a former Hyde student regarding rape and a Hyde student distributing nude photos of a 13 year old female Hyde student on campus by an older Hyde student:

Story and photos of this conversation are on Reddit here:
It's also posted on Facebook.

Keep in mind that this man and his entire family have been profiting from "helping" and "educating" kids for over 50 years in the "boarding school(s)" they founded and run, including "troubled" kids, while they've never employed a single licensed psychologist to work there.

FALLOUT: Joe Gauld's daughter in law, Laura Gauld (married to Joe's son Malcolm Gauld, also head admin of Hyde School) later sent out a letter saying Joe is resigning over this, once Hyde started losing donors.
Letter post on Reddit

Letter text:
Dear Hyde Community,

Some of you may be aware of recent negative comments and upsetting allegations on social media. This past weekend, we were alerted to a report by a Hyde alum involving student-on-student sexual misconduct from several years ago. Hyde's Founder, Joseph Gauld, engaged in a private online communication with this alum. In the course of their exchange, Joey made some statements that were hurtful, puzzling, and inappropriate. These statements do not reflect our vision for Hyde School and they have no place in any conversation about helping young people work through traumatic experiences around relationships and sexual assault.

Upon reflection, Joey made a heartfelt apology on the social media account for his offensive statements. His commitment to help students and parents is part of the reason he ventures into discussions that others might avoid. Despite his 93 years of wisdom as an educator and his belief that he was having a conversation in a private forum, his words were completely unacceptable.

After some meaningful conversations with Joey, we both have agreed that it is time to formalize a change we have been discussing for awhile. Joey will be retiring from any formal role at the school. We will forever be indebted to him for his vision and courage to found a school that broke new ground and made a real difference in the lives of so many students and families. We also know that many of the larger Hyde community will continue to connect with him as he works to find his new purpose.

Hyde's foundation is about character and having the courage to look at one's strengths and challenges - including our own school's self-examination. The safety and well-being of our students is our first concern. In our 54 years of existence, we have developed policies and processes which guide us to take any student or faculty safety allegation seriously.

To any member of our community that has concerns about their time at Hyde, I invite you to reach out and speak with me or someone else in the community that you feel comfortable with. Our pledge to you is that we will listen, learn, and take action where necessary. We look forward to productive and respectful communication.

To help a student unlock their unique potential is the most rewarding aspect of this job. Our commitment to each and every one of you is lifelong. I thank those who have already reached out to both share the strengths and the challenges of their experiences. Know that both are valued and important as Hyde moves onward to achieve its fullest potential.


Laura D. Gauld
Hyde School
616 High Street,
Bath , ME 04530
(207) 443.5584

Sent by [email protected]


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One former Hyde student's excellent facebook response to Laura Gauld's letter about her 93 year old father-in-law Joe's ("Joey?") "resignation":

To me, this doesn't feel like accountability because:
1. I'm *sure* this is of no consequence. I highly doubt he was doing anything but collecting a pay check from the school- that will now be retirement/pension and he still obviously has the ear of the heads of school- his literal children.
2. Joey!? This is like an email coming out about Harvey Weinstein that calls him Har-Har the whole time. A nickname in the email feels hugely flippant.
3. An email addressing the concerns of the victim(s) that centers the contributions of the person who created and fostered this culture is trash.
4. Calling it student-on-student sexual assault is language intended to distance accountability and put it back on us- the students.
5. At no point does she name the violence that people experienced there and address a systemic change that will be made or any kind of serious investment and reflection on a change of culture that needs to happen.
6. No acknowledgment of the power dynamic of coming to talk to her while she is his daughter-in-law.
7. No acknowledgment or gratitude for the labor people have done and continue to do to call the school forward.
8. That she references the communication was private (bro, it was over Facebook messenger- no one recorded a call) implies he was some how tricked. Into what..? Sharing his actual opinion?
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Laura?s quote from the letter ?Our commitment to each and every one of you is lifelong.?

Ha. They sure don?t seem to care about publicly showing condolences for about 98% of the over 150 former Hyde students on the other thread who have passed away!!! Here-,,44744.msg428386
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Hyde Founder Joe Gauld RESIGNS over leaked conversation about rape
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