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The All About Receiving Cash sect remains a threat to public health, and an anti-democratic, corrupting force in Calgary and Alberta.  The sect has, in the last thirty years, managed to penetrate most public institutions that should otherwise be counted upon to protect the citizenry from such an entity, resulting in public officials who are completely compromised and thus beholden to the sect.  The airing of the Fifth Estate episode "Powerless" resulted in a comprehensive cover-up that involved elected officials in the Provincial Government of the day, members of the Calgary Police force, and complicity of local media.
Although no details of the resolution of the lawsuits filed by the sect against CBC, it's employees, and sources used on the "Powerless" episode are available to the public, it is known that from the outset of the lawsuits, the sect was demanding retractions and recantations from the survivors who came forward, and for almost twelve years the sect was unable to force such retractions.  The lawsuits provided a fig-leaf for a number of public officials who used the claim that the issue was "before the courts" as an excuse to do nothing, but that pathetic film has now disintegrated.
The sect's very existence is rooted in deception, and the dismantling of this edifice of lies remains the mechanism by which this ongoing crime will be stopped.


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