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The Lord's ranch


It seems to be the never ending story about The Lord's Ranch in Arkansas also known as Trinity Behavioral Health managed by Theodore E. Suhl

* In 1995 17-year-old Robert Westerhoff was killed and 15-year old Christopher Chandler was injured during an escape attempt: Teen's death shocks juvenile center (NWI Times)
* In 2016 the owner was sentenced for his part in a scheme to bribe a former deputy director of the Arkansas Department of Human Services Lord's Ranch owner sentenced in bribery scheme (KAIT 8 News)
* In 2019 the president allowed the manager to go free but not long after he became the center on an FBI investigation regarding murder of AR GOP State Senator Linda Collins-Smith and possible connecton between the ranch and a now dead pedophile person FBI Investigating ‘Lord’s Ranch’ In AR In Connection With Murder Of AR GOP State Senator Linda Collins-Smith And Possible Connections To Epstein, Child Trafficking (Creative Destruction Media)
More reading: Arkansas: The corruption state (Arkansas Times)

The Lord's ranch is number 606 on the list of 1000 places you do not want to be as a teenager


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