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Camp Consequence in Florida
« on: February 02, 2020, 03:04:19 PM »
The Camp was a part of a TV-show called "Extreme Brat Camp"

Here is a review found on Google:

Matt G wrote:
I was forced into this program at a young age because my parents were desperate for an easy fix to a problem that was built over years, listen to my story before you send your child here. I'm in my 20s now, and here's my take on this place: Its a huge waste of money and time.

Taking your children to a culty christian boot camp run by two of the most arrogant people I've ever met in my life won't fix your children, you're the problem. A problem you can't throw money at. Break the habits that got you to this point in your life, no amount of money or child programs will help you, sheer will and a mind set of "I want both myself and my children to be decent people". If you want an easy fix and you think "2 days and that's it, my kids will be perfect", you're not caring enough and don't want to see your children change. Teach your children the freedom of choice when it comes to religion, teach them morals, values and instill respect at an early age, have them work at 15 years old to instill a value of money, limit their screen time and push them to do their best as school. Teach them that there are consequences for everything and don't hold their hand for everything. Teach them to be a better person, not so they can go to w/e after life your religion promises good people but so they can be good people.

Think long and hard about your kid, who prob sits in his/her room all day playing minecraft and ask yourself "What am I doing wrong?" Maybe the constant fighting you do with your wife/husband or the terrible way you handle things makes him/her not even want to deal with you. Shame on you if you think sending your kid to a problem camp will fix them over night. The fix is only there at camp and if the problems that are generated over years at home aren't fixed now they won't be fixed if you send your kid here for 1-30 days. If you think an instant lifestyle change will fix your childs issues without you changing your ways then you need this place for sure. Someone much older than you will basically force you to live by their lifestyle to raise your kids, have fun.

Also on the situation got worse after a stay in the camp: She was angry at us and she grabbed a knife (gory details, be warned)