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« on: November 06, 2018, 02:20:50 PM »

All About Receivng Cash sect members remain very hurt by the public shaming they received simply because their faith-based behaviour modification program was exposed for the dangerous and criminal sham that it is by the CBC.  Certainly any reasonable person would see AARC's point, that a few rapes here and there, turning a sixteen-year-old female Newcomer over to an eighteen-year-old male Oldcomer to serve as a spank-muse, and the odd beating now and again are not that exceptional, and the CBC revelations of such are certainly sensational.

Sadly, the judge in this case did not let AARC change their SLAPP suit to defend these allegations, although since every one of them is true, the judge seems to have saved AARC from a litigation Little Big Horn:

"(a)               The AARC model, methodology, practices, and techniques are negative, brutal, overly harsh, and AARC should not be permitted to operate;
(b)               AARC takes clients who are not addicted;
(c)               AARC tolerates abuse against its clients both in the program and outside of it;
(d)               AARC is connected to the Kids program run by Miller Newton in Bergen County, New Jersey, USA (the “KIDS Program”), which was eventually shut-down due to, inter alia, the abuses that occurred in that program;
(e)               AARC’s staff is all untrained and uneducated;
(f)                 The AARC model and program were created by uneducated and untrained peer staff at AARC;
(g)               AARC operates without regulation or government oversight;
(h)               AARC advertises a false or misleading success rate for its program;
(i)                  AARC has a financial incentive to cover up abuse and continue its operations; and
(j)                 AARC has something to hide and consequently, refused access to the CBC and its journalists in the preparation of the Powerless Production"

On points:
a) de gustibus non est disputandum
b) The Wiz himself acknowledged that Rachel O'Neill was not addicted when confronted by CBC, at which he point he began sputtering about "psychosis", as if his dodgeball skills afforded him the legal right to treat psychosis.  He openly admitted that he has no clue who is addicted when confronted on the phone by former client SM.  Great success.
c) The entire "treatment" process is abusive, and AARC used to proudly promote that in the media at every opportunity
d) There is literally no question whatsoever that AARC was set up as a branch of Kids and simply changed it's name.  Sect leader Dean vause came from Kids, Kids of the Canadian West chair Dr. Martin Atkinson joined the AARC board after the thought reform program was rebranded, Janne Holmgren, Brian Neil, Lisa Luciano, Peter Sorckoff and Simi Bates were all hired as counsellors at AARC solely due to their having been Kids clients.  As well, the organization PRIDE went from having people sent to Kids to having them sent to AARC.  Nobody from PRIDE ever had to be accountable for their crimes related to the torture of Canadians at the US Kids facilities.  Even the Provincial Government openly acknowledged AARC as a development of Kid.
e) Word games.  Inadequately educated and unqualified to provide the alleged intensive interventions purported to constitute AARC's behaviour modification program
f) Nobody claims that.  Dean Vause and the original peer staff were all very clearly trained at Kids, and Vause stole the model from kids
g) AARC is not regulated by any government body.  There is a litany of assertions by various officials from AHS, Alberta Health, Alberta Justice, etc. that they have no authority over AARC.
h) AARC and the Wiz have claimed many different rates of success.  There is no scientific evidence to support any of them, save perhaps the growing number of dead graduates.
i) For people with nothing to hide, they sure seem keen to get control of documents like the outline of their cover-up strategy that shows collusion with Calgary Police, various former Konservative Ministers, and the current NDP Manchurian Candidate Premier
j) see above

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"AARC will go on serving youth and families as long as it will be needed, if it keeps open to God for inspiration" Dr. F. Dean Vause Executive Director

MR. NELSON: Mr. Speaker, AADAC has been involved with
assistance in developing the program of the Alberta Adolescent
Recovery Centre since its inception originally as Kids of the
Canadian West."
Alberta Hansard, March 24, 1992