Author Topic: Denmark is not like the country, the democrats talk about  (Read 10124 times)

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Denmark is not like the country, the democrats talk about
« on: February 26, 2020, 03:00:19 AM »
The Democrats often mention Denmark where I live as a perfect example when it comes to healthcare.

However, this is not the case when we are talking mental illnesses at children. Then there is no free tax-paid treatment. Mental illnesses are in many cases seen as embarassing and shameful even by people in the official healthcare system.

There is a historical reason for that.

Remember all the nazi death camps and the effort to build the perfect strong race.

In Denmark we did not go so far as putting people in camps and kill them. Instead we isolated mentally or morally wrong challenged people on remote islands and operated on them so they could not reproduce. If they spoke out too clearly or otherwise protested they got lobotomized.

It was healthcare minister Karl Kristian Steincke who in in the 1920's got the parliament to make laws which aimed at improved euginetics. For the next 40 years men and women were sent to two islands where they lived genderseparated and only were allowed to leave when it was ensured that they could not produce children.

Even today the present system continues to build on the present legislation as it is important for Denmark to be seen as the country in the world who has the happiest people as citizens.

So if a child do suffer from depression, the parents are punished. According to law 498 from 2011 and the appeal boards desicion 158-12, parents are required to pay for the treatment of their children in grouphomes when it comes to certain handicaps or mental illnesses. The reason is the many handicaps can be discovered during the pregnancy which then can be brought to an end before the child enters the world.

Secondary what if one of the parents themselves have suffered from depression? Can they infect the children? The present opinion is YES among social care workers and they are backed by the appeal boards.

One family in Egedal near Copenhagen lost 186,000 DKK (about 27,000 dollars) - their entire saving as result of illness among their children. Remember that Danes pay more than half their income in taxes and pay interest for having money in the bank (strange system but true), so saving up is hard.

The doctors at the hospital even warned again splitting up the daughter from the mother but system ignored them and as result the child now suffers from no less than 4 illnesses: Schizoaffective disorder, depression, PTSD and symptoms of Asbergers.

So the family did not only get a sick daughter thanks to the makings of the social care workers but also they got bankrupted.

This is the real Denmark.

This is not the Denmark, the democrats are talking about.

Do they know better or are they just ill informed?

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