Author Topic: Pride Vigilance Courage Obstruction of Justice  (Read 1342 times)

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Pride Vigilance Courage Obstruction of Justice
« on: May 31, 2018, 06:51:27 PM »
Calgary Police Service has a long and shameful relationship with the All About Receiving Cash sect.  Chiefs from the fascist Beaton through corporate drug dealer Hanson to the new boss Chaffin have publicly supported the cult.  This seems to explain to some extent the criminal behaviour of the late Detective David Rock in helping AARC to cover up the systematic abuse that makes up AARC's thought reform program.  Rock colluded directly with sect leader Dean Vause in order to assist AARC in the lawsuits used to silence Christine Lunn and Rachael O'neill.  Unfortunatley for Rock however, after he thought he had completed his services to AARC, he was confronted with yet another victim of AARC's merry band of perverts.  This woman did not appear on the CBC program, which unfortunatlely for Rock, did not fit with the Wiz's phoney allegation that a band of junkies were conspiring to slander his ill-gotten good name in order to shake down AARC for some of the Wiz's hard-earned and likely off-shored loot.  Rock was dead at 46 within a few days of interviewin this woman.  I was privy to a recording made of the Wiz's response to this letter, and I must say, he is possessed of a remarkable skill.  In this converstaion he managed to lie so much that he assumed three contradictory positions, a truly amazing feat.  It reminded me of seeing the Reverend Al Sharpton executive a 720 degree spin in mid-air.

"Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2009 11: 58 PM
· To: or. D. Vause
• Subject: RE: Homegrown Heroes feature
· I know that you're probably really busy, but l also know that you're aware of why I'd like to talk to you, and it
. seems like you're putting lt off.
I know that Mr.G still works at AARC (albeit being on a short leave of absence). As you know from the
email I sent you three years ago, in which I expressed my concerns about Mr.G - a pedophile~ continuing to
work with young teens at AARC, I'm truly concerned about the safety of your current clients. I know that I
told you three years ago that I would let it go because I had confidence that you would do whatever
necessary to protect the kids at AARC, but I had to convince myself that in order to move on without feeling
I believed for a long time that you cared about me. My first reaction to the Fifth Estate was that you ·would
never let a client get hurt or be abused [f you were aware of it But then I started to wonder. I know that you
. knew {at the time) that Mr.G was acting inappropriately with me but you chose to 'sweep it under the rug."
So why would it be any different with Rachel or Christine?
I wanted to talk to you about this on the phone or in person - to ask you why you didn't help me - 'Why you
didn't fire Mr.G and how you could keep him around AARC when he is clearly not capable of providing teens
with appropriate care. I know that you knew what was going on because Mr.G told me when I wass 16 that
you ordered him not to talk to me, and even threatened to fight hirn in the parking lot. But Mr.G continued to
talk to me and it only got more inappropriate. l thought that him and I had a special friendship and dldn't
understand at the time why you were being so mean to him. looking back, I resent you for not pushing
harder. I know he was eventually fired years !ater, after he was caught selling drugs out of the AARC van. If
there was one thing about AARC that never made sense to me, it was the fact that graduates and staff
could be abusive, pedophiles, or otherwise unhealthy or dysfunctional - but as !ong as they were sober. they
were a "success." Despite what Mr.G was doing with me, it wasn't untlf he relapsed that you decided he
wasn't a positive Influence at AARC?
As you know, when Mr.Hagg convinced my parents that I should live with him for a few days, Mr.G was
there every day and after Mr.Hagg had gone to sleep, would cuddle with me, rub my back, tell me that we
should get married one day, cried to me because he was "addicted" to me, totd me I should masterbate,
that he liked small breasts ... How could you know this and continue to let him work with young girls? I had
just tried to kill myself and Mr.G selfishly chose to ignore any sense of responsibility as a counselor. This
affects me still today, and despite going through periods when I should have talked to someone, I have not
and cannot bring myself to trust another counselor. The Dr.Vause I thought was "saving lives and helping
families" wou!d have fired Mr.G on the spot AND Mr.Hagg for his methods of putting young girts on his lap
in his counseling sessions and rocking them "to make them feel safe, like lltt!e girls,' as he explained to me.
I also know of a girl who ls extremely distraught after watching the Fifth Estate and is seeing a psychiatrist
because she was treated even rnore inappropriately by Andrew Morton, her counselor.
Like so many graduates, I am not and never was an addict I had self-esteem and behavioral problems,
which were only worsened from the year and a half of "tough love" I received at AARC. It was not helpful to
be told I was a loser druggie and would die if I ever relapsed. The months following my graduation were
some of the darkest months of my life. I didn't know who I was anymore - my life revolved around a disease
that I didn't have. Despite the fact that I was a brat, I was outgoing and lald back before AARC, But after
AARC, I'd been molded into an awkward girl with the social skills of a seven-year-old, and I had counselors
helping me through it by pretending to be my 'daddy.'
When l abandoned AARC and AA, you convinced my parents to abandon me. Anyone who leaves AA ls
treated like a schizophrenic and ignored because they're 'in denial.' The only time I was ever in denial was
when I believed that you, Mr.G, Mr.Hagg, etc ... knew what was best for me and cared about me. I've had to
work really hard to repair my relationship with my parents after them putting me in the hands of your
unqualified staff and trusting them blindly with my safety. They know now that they were brainwashed to
believe that your staff always knew what was best for me, when in fact, they were doing more harm than
I've been seriously considering filing a police report against AARC, and specifically Mr.G. l was hoping to
· talk to you before doing so, but If l don't hear from you by the end of the week. I can not let this go and try to
move on without feeling guilt.
What I reaily wanted to ask you was if everything you'd ever told me - about how much you cared about
me, and how special you thought I was -was just a lie. I really wonder if you've been sending me all of
these nice emails to convince me to keep my mouth shut. I'd also really like to know - if I'd talked to Glllian
Findlay about my experience with Mr. G and the fact that you knew, would you have called me a liar too?
' I hope to hear from you (any time) tomorrow."
"AARC will go on serving youth and families as long as it will be needed, if it keeps open to God for inspiration" Dr. F. Dean Vause Executive Director

MR. NELSON: Mr. Speaker, AADAC has been involved with
assistance in developing the program of the Alberta Adolescent
Recovery Centre since its inception originally as Kids of the
Canadian West."
Alberta Hansard, March 24, 1992