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Mount Bachelor Academy - The Communist Brainwashing Camp for Troubled Teens


When I was released from Mount Bachelor Academy, I dwelled upon what had happened to me and as a result I feel that I exacerbated in some ways my PTSD. It really isn't healthy to focus extensively on the traumatic experiences that you have gone through if you are a CEDU or CEDU-clone survivor. (Despite being basically a CEDU clone, most posts about MBA happen in this forum because it was bought by Aspen) Ultimately, when you are ready to think about it, it is a necessary part of the healing process. Recently, I started thinking about my experience at MBA again and I went on Youtube and searched for "Mount Bachelor Academy." When I did, I found glowing reviews of the incredibly abusive school, mostly saying positive things. The children who pressed the charges that eventually resulted in the shutting down of the evil school all accepted over a million dollars of hush money for their silence. I accepted no such money. I was so infuriated by the videos that I saw that I created a video of my own. This is my true experience of the dark academy. Juxtaposed with an informative video about communist brainwashing in North Korea, this is the true story of what I went through in America in 2008. Mount Bachelor Academy - the communist brainwashing camp for troubled teens.

I found a number of written testimonies. They are not that positive. Maybe you should also add some written material to your video.

Various testimonies from the Tales from the Black School testimonial blog[/utl]


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