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RIP, Inculcated

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Friends, today I found out that Inculcated is gone; she has passed away.  I am grieved and very saddened by this news.  She was a close friend of mine.  I loved her and I will miss her. 

I'm in shock

As based on our last conversation (which on her last birthday, a couple of months ago), I am pretty sure that she killed herself.   She and I got into an argument about six months ago and had not spoken until her birthday, when she called me to let me know that she forgave me and that we are still friends. She called to make up with me and let me know that she loved me.  Then I told her that I forgave her too and we chatted for a while.  It's more that I can handle, this news.  Lately I've been in a daze. I am freaked out over it.

It was determined that she died on the 26th of last April, but her body was not found until the 28th of April (when the police busted in her door and found her it).  There were no drugs of any kind in her system: medicinal, illegal, or otherwise.  There were no signs of foul play or self-harm.  Her body was found by the side of her bed, on the floor and fully clothed.  Those who had spoken with her in the days and weeks prior to her death said that she had seemed distant, aloof.  She always got very depressed during the month of April, I was told. 

The official cause of her death is "undetermined," (according to her mother, who has seen the autopsy report and told it to Inculcated's friend).  This information is solid; I just spoke by phone with a different friend of hers.  I found this man through Facebook and believe him 100%. 

There will be a memorial service for her on the 10th of next month, to be held in the city in which she resided.  Details of this service have not been decided upon as of this this time.  More to come.  Thanks for your time.  Hare Krsna.

PS: it is also relevant to note that the 26th of April is the anniversary of the suicide of a close friend of hers in 2003.  In other words, it was determined that she died on the 14th anniversary of her good friend's suicide. 


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