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I need search terms!!


I'm working on creating a database of information about the TTI. I need to monitor the news for articles that touch on the Troubled Teen Industry. And I need search terms. Can you help me?

A good search term is one you can put into a search engine and get results that are relevant, without getting too many that aren't relevant.

Right now I am using this string:
OR "troubled teen industry" OR WWASP OR "teen residential treatment" OR "therapeutic intervention" OR "wilderness program" OR NATSAP OR "therapeutic boarding school"

I need more terms. I'm not a program survivor; I'm an ally. I am a survivor of other messed-up things, which is how I know this is important. And if anybody knows the euphemisms that things are called in the news, the words that are tip-offs that this is one of Those programs, it'll be you guys.

Just post the search terms you think will work. Brainstorm it. I'd be very grateful.


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