Author Topic: Sweets in exchange for sex at The Journey Impact Ranch in Mona, Utah  (Read 8495 times)

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Quote from: The Daily Star Sunday
Female worker forced boy to touch her breasts at home for troubled teens
By Douglas Patient, The Daily Post, Published 27th September 2016

A FEMALE worker at a home for troubled teens has been jailed for 15 years after admitting having sexual contact almost half of the boys.

Katherine Estep, 45, admitted seven counts of forcible sexual assault involving five out of 13 youngsters.

Estep touched the teenagers' genitals and had oral sex with three of them, a court heard.

She threatened to discipline two of the teens if they did not co-operate.

She also flashed her breasts at one and forced him to touch them.

Prosecutors said Estep held a position of special trust with the 16 and 17-year-olds which allowed her to "exercise undue influence" over them.

Court files said Estep "coerced or enticed the young men into co-operating with her with these sexual acts" from May 1 to 13, 2015.

She let some of the lads use her mobile phone and electronic cigarette.

Estep even gave them sweets and pills at the The Journey Impact Ranch in Mona, Utah.

Judge Jennifer Brown jailed Estep for between one and 15 years on each of seven charges of forcible sexual abuse she admitted at an earlier hearing in June.
The sentences will run concurrently.

The court also recommended she has therapy.

Sentencing documents said: "The court recommends that the defendant participate in psychotherapy to address psychological nature of her physical symptoms as well as address her thinking errors through a cognitive restructuring therapy."

Prosecutor AnnMarie Howard said: "I'm hopeful the young men who were victims, now that this is behind them, can make some progress and can move ahead in their lives."

All 13 boys at the home were moved to other facilities after Estep was arrested in May 2015.

One boy, who was not one of the abused teens, said "she would let us do whatever we wanted pretty much".

The centre advertises that it treats boys, aged 13 to 18, who suffer from moderate or severe behavioural problems and mental health issues.

They meet with therapists and take part in projects, including working with animals.

Utah Human Services Department spokeswoman Allie Jurkatis said the facility was "in good standing" following a review after Estep's arrest.

She said: "It is our practice to work with facilities in ensuring compliance as they are providing important services that help youth and individuals live successful lives.

"We appreciate law enforcement for their resolution to one person's regrettable actions."