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Quick Links to Information and Forum Topics
« on: December 18, 2006, 11:28:39 AM »
Quick Links to Information and Topics
Federal Class Action Lawsuit

Judge denies Motion to Class Lawsuit
Watchdog Report at ISAC
Addictions Program- Unlicensed
SACS Accreditation
Unethical Bonus Plan for Retention of Clients
Ridge Creek Effectiveness

Ridge Creek Violations of Regulations ... ord#227534
Unqualified Staff ... 0&start=25
Inappropriate Placements
Group Therapy and Regulations ... c&start=45
Intervention Program- not listed in Parent Manual
ORSs Response to Intervention Program
Physical Restraints
Psychotherapy Cults- Roots of the Industry
Questions Parent Should Ask

HLA To Be Licensed

HLAs Inspection and Investigation Reports
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Hidden Lake Academy, after operating 12 years unlicensed will now be monitored by the state. Access information on the Federal Class Action lawsuit against HLA here: