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Justice for Phil Williams?

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Che Gookin:

--- Quote from: Matt C. Hoffman on January 28, 2017, 11:00:27 PM ---I was in Maine recently  Augusta ,Maine to be exact. I was invited by the HAAD Enough Inc. folks - to speak at a news/ press conference - concerning a victims rights bill.  This bill was being sponsored /written by a Maine Representative, A Mrs .Riley . Mrs. Riley also spoke.

When it was my turn to speak , I talked about how I had questions as to how  a place of business ; the Elan Center /Corporation / School , that was in the business of saving at -risk children,  ( imo albeit fraudulently ) ,  could kill one  of its very  children that it was supposedly saving , thru one of its brutal tools of compliance , the Ring . 

This conference/press release  took place in the Hall of Flags right outside of Gov'nr Lepage's office, in the state house of Maine , and down stairs from mister  Bill Diamonds ,state senate seat and Janet Mills office.

 I mentioned Phil Williams and his situation and how he was even a ward of the state of Maine and how his death occurred on December 27 , 1982 . Phil was barely 15 and three months old when his life was truncated by Elan's practices of  forced fighting as therapy.  I asked how could a child's death of this nature simply be swept under the rug ?  There was no investigation what so ever when this horrible event happened to Phil ending his life. Until  this past March 13 , 2016, when an investigation was opened into Phil Williams' Jr's  death, because  Mark Babitz found the in completed death certificate for Phil Williams  and got an investigation started - no autopsy had been completed either , yet his liver , eyes and heart were harvested, before the plug was pulled on Dec, 27,1982. 

I also asked how could a place like Elan could stay in business 29 years after the fact of this young boys death? 

Elan Survivor Mark Babitz also spoke at this conference . 

Kathryn Skelton of the covered this event and wrote and article about this on 1-18-17 under the by line of Families: Cold- case unit isn't effective.

 I also spoke with many people in the legislative clerks office, and asked questions and I gave out brochures about our up coming Documentary called "The last Stop"  I also spoke With the Clerk of the Senate ,a Mrs. Ripley . I found nothing but support in my endeavor to seek justice for Phil Williams and Elan survivors. With who ever I spoke with in the Maine state court house . 

Bill Diamond and Janet Mills ( Maine state Attorney General) were no where to be found.  I guess it is getting a little hot in Maine isn't it mister Diamond and Mrs. Mills .

I will be going back to Maine  soon .     

--- End quote ---

Babitz drives me absolutely nuts as a person, I got him blocked on facebook and everywhere else I can manage it. However, fair fucking play for him getting this drug into the scope of public eye. Damn long overdue imo, hopefully Phil's family can get something from all of this.

Good to see you in this effort matty, nice to know there is one rational level headed elaner involved with this.  That is probably an uncharitable sentiment on my part given I don't know who all is working on this.

Matt C. Hoffman:
Early morning - well it is really late - late morning - can't wait for my late  midmorning guitar session- the sound of live  music, may it fill the air - Good morning to you Che' ,

Hey man for what it is worth - If it were not for Mark Babitz - I would not have been able to speak at this press conference .

you and I -I feel I can say this out loud have spoken  quite a bit  the story of Phil Williams - And quite frankly I had no idea as to how to get an investigation into this young mans tragic death nor the really the monies needed to get an investigation  started into, Phil's truncated life by a horrible place.

You are well aware that I have written about this everywhere , I really could think that I could tie  in Phil William"s story - Because you and I  both know that  everything I wrote was just hearsay - and that is not worth the strength of dirt - in any investigation- I guess all I got was some good conversation with you Che and just a pat on the back - oh forgive the little nutter he has been elianified . - ( au contraire as everyone has found out so far when we meet in person- think Augusta ,Maine State House ) - from the other folks in this End the fucking abuse groups - organizations found all over -   

Hell I believed the story when it was first brought to my attention in early 2003, right here on the fornits. Though  all I could do was write  about  it like a "broken record "  over and over to the point that well my friend Mark -(said to me that he was so damn tired of me writing this stuff over and over  and well he was going to see if there was any validity to this story) .

So to make the long of it short - when we get up for a" Ginger Bread Coffee filtered aged in bourbon barrels- Stout  !0.5 percent - it is the most delicious Stout - you might have some questions that I would gladly answer about this place or the back story as to how Phil ended up in Elan - that is almost a book in it's own right.

Mark Calls me up about a day later - he was already on his way up to Maine - and says to me Matt I am afraid you are right - and he said I think they beat this kid to death- At that point Che - at that point I felt an anger - at Elan - the clan -cabal - the former employess- Joe Ricci - Sharon Terry- Bill Diamond - Janet Mills - Angus King - Susan Collins  that I had not ever felt before -  I knew It was true in my soul since I read what those forlks wrote about it back in 2003 -

Yet Che' I was helpless in getting anyone to take me seriously and look for the evidence- you thank God you Che  would let me talk about it with and almost to me I felt you encouraged discourse -  - which turned out to be this poor soul's death certificate - it had not been completely filled out - and I learned that Elan  gained another aka- Elan one Corporation, Elan Two Corporation, the Elan Skool( sic on purpose ) and also as the Elan Center.

So Che as Broad and as sweeping as this can be taken - In a sense I think directly or indirectly - that even head statement also applies to you- because so many encouraged - till my friend Mark - who I actually do know and have for really years - had the skills and the compassion to delicately go about teasing out the evidence .

And of course when it was time I asked the witnesses to if they could to please step forward and do something that the employees of that place could not do -and that was the right thing .

I hate to brag - maybe its not since it is a  fact - I have a feeling that I know what sits in that investigative file - I may not have been there  -  but I sure know a lot of people that were - I don't have to know what they said to the investigators -   but I  do know what to do if the Attorney General of Maine - doesn't do her job and indict and prosecute -

death is death - it is what causes the death that well if it is caused by man and it is not in self defense - then the statute on that crime never expires -

What you think of Mark is your opinion - lol - (I have a different opinion ) I am sure you have your reasons - and ha I have seen some of his Art work if I may - just know -lol- regardless of how you may think of him he did the right thing .

therefore since I have come to understand that you are a soul with a sense  of fair play - I certainly appreciate your comment above about Mark .

And as always thank you Che' for continuing the convo-   

This is the link for the topic called the ring - that brought to my attention the death of Phil Williams Jr, back in 2003-                       


Che Gookin:
As I said, the man might drive me absolutely bonkers, but he's done a good job getting forward movement on justice for Phil's family. Mind you, I won't be taking Babitz off ignore anytime soon, but as I have nothing to do with the situation... it would be a pinnacle of arrogance to claim that what I did would even matter in the first place.

I have some other thoughts on this, but those are for private, email me bruh.

To circle back around, Babitz did good by Phil and that's all that matters. I'll freely admit that it's a good example of why you shouldn't write someone off or underestimate them, I wouldn't have ever thought Babitz had it in him, but holy moly... He did and did it well.

To those about to get drug into the light of day, may god have mercy on your souls, because I don't think the people you tortured and murdered are going to have any and rightfully so.

I pondered photoshopping Mark's face onto the body of a Roman gladiator, but can't be bothered finding a picture of him. Fitting tribute to his work but alas.. I'm being lazy this morning, soorrry..

I'm glad you had a chance to speak the press conference, I hope it allowed you to get somethings off your back as well. You've been a calming influence in my life in someways via your emails. So don't ever think that your reach is limited to just a few narrow venues, I can think clearly of five or six serious occasions where you've talked me off the fence of stupidity through something you've said in one of your more thoughtfully written messages.

I don't drink much anymore so you'll have to enjoy that bourbon for me. The alcohol would interact with some of the anti-inflammatory meds I take due to the workouts in the gym I've been getting in lately, I'm trying to get into shape to compete in a strongman competition for old geezers. I'm aiming to get my squats up to 400 pounds and over 500 for deadlift, hence the drugs.. uggh.. getting old sucks. Though holy shit... that bourbon sounds like some fine stuff.

Matt C. Hoffman:
Thank you Che for your very kind words - I sent you an e mail - I don't use that hot mail account anymore - for over a year or longer  - you may need to check your junk folder  for my message -if you don't find it  let me know.

I apologize that my earlier post was some what incoherent - I have had the flu for the past week and got a secondary infection looked at today - so I do indeed know that I sometimes write more coherent posts - lol -  I   do however realize I was proving rjm's point, of being an illiterate  bore- lol- Yet you got what I was talking about because you know - right .

thank you again -  Mr. Gookin

Matt C. Hoffman:
To continue with seeking justice for Phil Williams -


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No charges in 1982 death of Elan student
By Lindsay Tice and Kathryn Skelton, Staff Writers
Published on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017 at 8:08 pm | Last updated on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017 at 8:08 pm
LEWISTON — After a nearly yearlong investigation by state police, the Maine Attorney General's Office has announced no one will be charged in the 1982 death of a local teenager while he was a student at the Elan School in Poland.
AG spokesman Tim Feeley said Tuesday that there was "insufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution."
He said an assistant attorney general, victim advocate and state police detective met last week with Phil Williams Jr.'s family to explain the investigation and the decision. Feeley declined to comment further.
Pam Williams, Phil's sister, said the family wasn't yet ready to talk about the state's decision.
Phil was 15 when, witnesses say, he was beaten by other students in the Poland school's infamous boxing ring because he'd complained of a headache. Phil later collapsed, turned blue and was taken away by staff. He died a day later.
His sister was 12 and in foster care at the time. She was told her brother died of a freak brain aneurysm. That's what the family had believed until last spring, when a stranger from Chicago showed up with Phil's curious, partially incomplete death certificate and the names of witnesses to his fight.
She told her story to the Sun Journal in March.
Within weeks, Maine State Police launched an investigation into Phil's death. Lt. Brian McDonough, head of the Southern Maine Major Crimes Unit, called it a "priority."
Founded by psychiatrist Gerald Davidson and businessman Joe Ricci, Elan operated from 1970 to 2011 as a private boarding school that catered mostly to troubled teenagers. Some of Elan's controversial tactics included ordering students to fight in a "ring" made up of other kids. It's one of the tactics to be featured in a New York filmmaker's upcoming documentary set to premiere in Maine in late April.
Davidson died in 1991 and Ricci died in 2001. After Ricci's death, the school was run by Ricci's wife, Sharon Terry, until it closed its doors in 2011.
Terry's attorney, Portland lawyer Ed MacColl, said Tuesday that Terry "was pleased to cooperate with the investigation" but he couldn't comment further.
Mark Babitz, the Chicago stranger who brought Phil's death certificate and witness statements to the family, said he was angry that no one would be charged in Phil's death but not surprised.
"I've got four witnesses that said it happened; what, are they lying? Why would they all lie?" he said Tuesday.
Babitz, a former Elan student who co-founded Elan Survivors Inc., is trying to organize a $50 million civil suit against the state of Maine on behalf of former students and residents.
"Elan Survivors Inc. is by far not done with Phil Williams," Babitz said. "He is our new poster child now for neglect in the state of Maine."
Pam Williams holds a photo of her teenage brother, Phil Williams Jr., last March. Phil died in 1982 while he was a student at the Elan School in Poland. After investigating for nearly a year, state police told the Williams family last week that there is not enough evidence to charge anyone in Phil's death.
Buy a print
- Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Insufficient evidence my right eye- looks like there might be a severe conflict of interest on behalf of the state  of Maine.   


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