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Justice for Phil Williams?

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Che Gookin:
More like corruption to the core, time to burn it all down in maine.


--- Quote from: Matt C. Hoffman on February 22, 2017, 03:42:12 PM ---To continue with seeking justice for Phil Williams -

Elan Survivors Inc., is trying to organize a $50 million civil suit against the state of Maine on behalf of former students and residents.

--- End quote ---

Only 50 Million?

Matt C. Hoffman:
I agree , I was thinking more like $250,000,000. ( Yet the  State o Maine is poor ),didn't you know, Maine ,for years , had stooped to making money off of a  well protected criminal enterprise  that made it's money off of serial child abuse. This place was called Elan , it  also featured forced fighting incidents as one of its serial child abusing practices.

It was well documented , various videos going as far back as 1979, NBC reports "For the Childs own good ", Ricci speaks of the very practice,  thru 1983's children of Darkness documentary by Richard Kutok .

Good to seed you Felice , big smiles,  (hopefully this is Felice), I have the same digits holler when you can.



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