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Justice for Phil Williams?

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Credit to Mark Babitz for doing the work. Let's hope survivors don't cut his throat now that there's media interest


A kid with chronic headaches not only doesn't get a nuero-eval, or at least some allowance to take bed rest, but instead he's beaten and left to die under a desk in a staff office under peer supervision and carted quietly away. FFS, what insensate depravity. I need to stop thinking I've read the worst. These places always have worse. Horrors anew and past but not forgotten. I hope his sister can get some answers and some peace.

There have not been enough spotlight on this death. So I have mailed around and got replies that there will be done something. Here is a list of updates:

* (Page updated)
* (Page updated)Also got word that on december 27th the "Today a child died" blog will add an entry about him.

Still pushing DPoC.

Matt C. Hoffman:
I was in Maine recently  Augusta ,Maine to be exact. I was invited by the HAAD Enough Inc. folks - to speak at a news/ press conference - concerning a victims rights bill.  This bill was being sponsored /written by a Maine Representative, A Mrs .Riley . Mrs. Riley also spoke.

When it was my turn to speak , I talked about how I had questions as to how  a place of business ; the Elan Center /Corporation / School , that was in the business of saving at -risk children,  ( imo albeit fraudulently ) ,  could kill one  of its very  children that it was supposedly saving , thru one of its brutal tools of compliance , the Ring . 

This conference/press release  took place in the Hall of Flags right outside of Gov'nr Lepage's office, in the state house of Maine , and down stairs from mister  Bill Diamonds ,state senate seat and Janet Mills office.

 I mentioned Phil Williams and his situation and how he was even a ward of the state of Maine and how his death occurred on December 27 , 1982 . Phil was barely 15 and three months old when his life was truncated by Elan's practices of  forced fighting as therapy.  I asked how could a child's death of this nature simply be swept under the rug ?  There was no investigation what so ever when this horrible event happened to Phil ending his life. Until  this past March 13 , 2016, when an investigation was opened into Phil Williams' Jr's  death, because  Mark Babitz found the in completed death certificate for Phil Williams  and got an investigation started - no autopsy had been completed either , yet his liver , eyes and heart were harvested, before the plug was pulled on Dec, 27,1982. 

I also asked how could a place like Elan could stay in business 29 years after the fact of this young boys death? 

Elan Survivor Mark Babitz also spoke at this conference . 

Kathryn Skelton of the covered this event and wrote and article about this on 1-18-17 under the by line of Families: Cold- case unit isn't effective.

 I also spoke with many people in the legislative clerks office, and asked questions and I gave out brochures about our up coming Documentary called "The last Stop"  I also spoke With the Clerk of the Senate ,a Mrs. Ripley . I found nothing but support in my endeavor to seek justice for Phil Williams and Elan survivors. With who ever I spoke with in the Maine state court house . 

Bill Diamond and Janet Mills ( Maine state Attorney General) were no where to be found.  I guess it is getting a little hot in Maine isn't it mister Diamond and Mrs. Mills .

I will be going back to Maine  soon .       


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