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"Why I Hate The Voice"


Why I Hate "the Voice" I did not want to start my story with the word hate but figured hate would generate more views.

Why I do not like the Voice or other shows like it.

For a simple reason, reality tv shows demean real talent. The contestants on competition shows are not stars, they are regular people with good voice control. This is not natural talent, its a skill that with practice most people can do. Its over hyped karaoke.

It fuels the fifteen minutes of fame syndrome.

You have seen it before, the massive crowds, thousands of hopefuls inundating stadiums to get their time in the spotlight. They probably grew up being told they can do anything and that they are special. Most of those people have no talent, and its shameful as a culture. We apparently haven't engaged in constructive criticism to possibly guide these helplessly failed "singers" perhaps try painting instead?

Its a television show.

Don't invest your emotions in it or think you aren't talented or special. We are all humans. Inflating the importance of a people through fame, fortune, wealth, power is not going to make you or I happy. We see these faces on television sometimes with brutal skepticism or envy or maybe even happy for them. To think we aren't good enough, or even worse to think we can be celebrities is not okay.

My lesson is. Just enjoy the show, don't buy into the hypes mainstream television lays on you. Cause in the end isn't all about those damn commercials?

Don't get me started on manufactured fame. Look at that little twerp Justin Bieber, Radio Disney, and some Hip Hop guy (see how much I don't buy into it) rose him to fame. But that stuffs for kids anyway.

Explore more than what the corporations and networks want to sell you.
If you don't know what you like, keep trying, don't settle for something ****** my friends.

Ignorant people value technique over substance.  :-\


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