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Confidential papers left for everyone to read


They didn't clean up properly when they left Victory Acres Childrens home located in Alice Texas:

--- Quote ---wow thats horrible . that explains all the journal entries and the houses that were left untouched at that alice location when we snuck in there as kids to find out oursleves what exaclty was in that place... big gargages stored with what looked like mcdonalds big play sets, golf carts , tractors, cars,trailer houses and offices still with all the papework , food , clothes, and even a few guns.... i cant explain the feeling of being there. but reading some of the stories from these people now freaks me out and back then (8-9 yrs ago) when i read some journals and paperwork explains what really went on there. its really sad!!!:(

--- End quote ---

Somes privacy has been violated.


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