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Therapy Survivors dot org
« on: March 26, 2015, 08:51:08 PM »
A friend of mine wanted to start a website dedicated to therapy survivors. She was scared off by the notion of lawsuits. So, I registered the URL in my name and as I live in China, good luck with them delivering a summons or whatever.

Not to say I'm looking for someone to sue me, far from it, just not worried about it.

That being said, what I need from you clowns.


Good OC. Not the same tired assed Maia articles. She does write good shit, that's true, but how often is it linked to every single survivor blog? Answer- every single @#$#ing time.

I've agreed to write a series of 5 articles on restraints for her. Needs more than that to get it going. If any of you have something you want submitted or if you want to be added as an approved writer or whatever, let me know. I got a few rules, well she does, keep the profanity down to a minimum, truth nothing but the truth, and the usual demands for not acting like a tribe of howler monkeys in the comments.

I counseled her to keep her expectations modest, she's aware that not everyone is as enthusiastic about writing as you'd think they'd be given the amount of trolling they do on 8 chan/facebook/etc.

So, there it is pimps.