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Che Gookin:
Browsing 8 chan will lead to early onset baldness. I have it on good account that NASA demanded PoDK wear a hat at all times due to the reflective properties of his shiny dome.

Well, the reason why everybody's on FB is because everybody's on FB. That's where the eyeballs are at right now. That is the crossroads of choice. And so that's where ya gotta do yer pickin' and a'grinnin' if you want to be seen.

I use my real name cause... bring it. G'won and bring it. I hate secrets. They make lousy pets. Always getting loose, running out in the street, getting into the neighbors' trash then coming back to bite you in the arse.... All ya'll, of course, might take a different tack from time to time or all of the time.

I gotta tell ya, Podk, you were right as rain about Wilkes Barre.  :-*

It takes a thousand voices.

I miss this other thing, though. I don't know how much time the current admin has to dedicate to this. I haven't even looked around enough to know if they are publicly acknowledging ownership. I note that there are 137 views on this page, though and only a handful of us speaking. I no longer have access to the back end. I'm not in a position right now to take over full operation, but I've got a regular day job with every night off so I could take on some admin tasks if all ya'll want me to.

Im a huge dick.

So Antigen, do you just leave all of your doors unlocked and tell strangers where you live, your bank account pin number (if you happen to have anything in the bank; personally, I see no point in it anymore, and have little to deposit anyway)?  What about encryption? Is such a thing a waste of time? Yes, of course, all eyes are on a bunch of cattle led to slaughter, you might say? (The "American Freedom Act" which picked up where the expired Patriot Act left off, has made it legal for corporations to do the governments dirty work for them, i.e., transferring collected data to them. Facebook was first in line with this, from what I've gathered..  just my .02 on "secret keeping" and such.)

Hi, Carmel. If you're a dick, then I have no clue what I am..  :)

Ahhhh Spybook.
The world booking room.
I noticed there was something creepy way back when I first signed up.
The URL was 4 digits of my local police dept. :o


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