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Amanda Leanne O'Rear has passed away


Our partner in the fight against the last pieces of Straight Inc. - Pathway Inc. - Amanda Leanne O'Rear - has sadly passed away due to unknown causes.

We can only offer our condolences to her family hit by this awful tragedy.

Link: Amanda Leanne O'Rear 's obituary


Che Gookin:
Anyone got any first hand accounts of Amanda? Be nice to know more about her.

Covergaard wrote with her but he is still to shocked to talk about her. They did everything to badmouth her after stepped up against them. Look here Critics... (Deflame page)

This page led to their closure. No parent would sign a child up for their program if they knew that they could risk the program administrators to speak out against their family if the treatment didn't work. Thanks to their own actions they ran out of customers.


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