Author Topic: It would appear to be getting very real in the state of Maine  (Read 15402 times)

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It would appear to be getting very real in the state of Maine
« on: February 06, 2015, 10:44:47 AM »
It appears to be getting very real for the Elan Cabal in the state of Maine - as evidenced by the comments pertaining to this  this article-  I don't think that Bill Diamond , Sharon Terry , Janet Mills,  Martin Kruglik , Jeffery Gottlieb, Jay McCloskey, are really getting the picture - that children's lives ARE more important than money. (maybe Ed McColl can help them understand this )

Though as more Elan Survivors come forward-( laughing out loud rather loudly) which is happening on a daily basis - I believe it will become very crystal clear to them -( regardless of Ed's assistance in this matter.)

We have the attention of many in the State of Maine -and our voices are only going to get louder , though mind you-  we are still being  polite, quite different than how the Elan administrators  treated us - Sharon Terry  Martin Kruglik , Jeffery Gottlieb , Morris Fink , Marc Rosenberg ,  -( and others at this point unnamed Administrators)  are going to wish they had not tortured us for money.   


In my opinion the Elan One Corporation , aka the Elan Two Corporation and eventually becoming as the Elan (sic) School  ran as a continuing criminal enterprise   that operated  for close to forty years -

This crime, imo,  can be Investigated/remedied by having the Federal Department of Justice begin an investigation  -totally independent of any connections to the state of Maine ( meaning no Federal investigators involved with the investigation having ANY ties to the State of Maine ) and using the Rico act to investigate and prosecute the many involved in this disgusting and hideous criminal operation that lasted for close to forty years.

This can be prosecuted using the Rico act -regardless of the fact that Elan closed in 2011.( as Ed surely knows)

All because certain politicians in Maine  and people in positions of authority-( Maine  Department of Education)  valued money more than children's live - isn't that right mister Bill Diamond  ?
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Re: It would appear to be getting very real in the state of Maine
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2015, 02:13:01 PM »
 ;) I admire your faith in the "Justice System".
You have not spent enough time in the Courtroom.