Author Topic: Hyde school student involved in overdose  (Read 2392 times)

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Hyde school student involved in overdose
« on: February 14, 2014, 01:50:03 AM »
Quote from: Kennebec Journal
Hyde School student goes home after apparent heroin overdose
By David Hench [email protected], Staff Writer

Bath police report that more people have been using heroin because of its easy availability and relatively low cost.

An 18-year-old Hyde School student has been released from the hospital after an apparent heroin overdose Friday.

Bath police received a report that some students were missing from the private boarding school, and at 10:45 p.m. found the students at a Shaw’s supermarket, said Lt. Robert Savary. One female student appeared to have been using narcotics, Savary said.

Police suspect the substance was heroin, based on interviews, but have not conclusively determined that, he said.

The woman was taken to Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick for treatment.

Savary said that like other parts of the state, Bath police are seeing people who had been recreationally using prescription painkillers switching to heroin because it is more available and less expensive. Police believe the woman had spent time earlier at a gathering with local residents.

The woman, who is from Connecticut, was released to her family