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Elan was protected by state officials

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Matt C. Hoffman:
I am glad - this quote was posted here Oscar because it certainly backs up what Elan survivors have known and talked about for years-  Mr. Gutfinski's  ( he is who he says he is ) comment short , sweet and to the point and the enormity of his words are a damming indictment  against those in power that aided and abetted Joe Ricci and the other adult Elan administrators that ran Elan in my opinion as a continuing criminal enterprise that lasted for close to forty years.

(The adult elan administrators I speak of are Sharon Terry , Martin Kruglik , Jeffery Gottlieb ,  Bill Diamond,  there are other adult Elan  administrators, that elan survivors know all too well, and I imagine their names will be forthcoming  ) 

And to make this even sweeter  Oscar - Mr. Gutfinski has  also posted this on Mister Bill Diamond's amazon book page- as a review of his book,  here is that link-

Now if only the Federal justice department is paying as close attention as we are Oscar then - in my opinion - this grotesque  Elan saga could be remedied thru an investigation and indictments using the Rico act .

Elan survivors have also known for years that due to the "corruption "  that protected this fraudulent criminal enterprise - in the State of Maine -that quite frankly the State of Maine is incapable of investigating itself in this matter.

Mr. Gutfinski's comment validates Elan survivors  thoughts  as we have wondered for years how this sadistic fraudulent criminal enterprise of a "scam" was  allowed to exist for close to forty years in the State of Maine. It appears that the monies generated by Elan for Joe Ricci and his cronies , the tens of millions of dollars Ricci made and the tax revenues generated by Elan was worth far  more than children's lives - and that is simply sick and downright  disgusting .

Thank you Oscar for accepting my apology for my knee jerk reaction concerning this comment and its  origins -  by Mr. Gutfinski-  and please Add Phil Williams to the data base of deaths due to these abhorrent programs - as it relates to  Elan.






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