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Be clean and lose your future or


En former addict who relapsed and stopped on herself once again but got caught delivering a dirty test a week later at her probation officer got an offer:

* Either stay in jail until July 2015. Lose your grandchild because your mother used your chocked condition once booked to have you sign some papers giving her full custody.
* Or move to a religious program far away from the city and pay for the stay with your car. If you make it through the first month in full isolation from your child, family and friends, you will be allowed over night visits from your child. Once you have passed through the 10 months long program, you will be offered a housing on the "campus" and can seek work at neighboring farms walking to and from work.
Source: Just talked to the PO

What would be your answer?

Pile of Dead Kids:
Jesus, that poor kid. A meth-head for a mom and a vicious bitch for a grandma.

Even the most cursory reading of the Conduct Disorders forum shows that none of these people should ever have had children.

That's ok, the state can and WILL take care of 'em.

We need bodies, as there's war on the horizon.

"No Child Left Behind."


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