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TTI victim involved in the Bali suitcase murder case


A former resident of two different community-based facilities for minors in Cook County has been arrested in the Bali suitcase murder case.

19 year old pregnant Heather Mack is most likely to be shot once she have given birth to her unborn child - reported to be a girl. She is charged with parcipation in the murder of her mother.

As the daughter of some unknown composer whos work will now be sold of for a lot of money due to this case, she experienced difficulties after her fathers death. She was in juvenile court several times and was sent to two programs.

A gold-digger saw his chance to jump her and got her pregnant. She is mentally not stable according to several of the people who knew both her. The boyfriend went to Bali and killed her mother and took the daughter with him during his escape.

She is not realizing how serious her situation is. She is only thinking of her unborn child and will have the child placed in Bali so the child can visit her i jail. No visits will be possible if she is shot.

The authorities in Bali has a problem which can endanger her case and result in a death sentence for her.

After the Bali bombings 10 years back where over 100 tourists died the authorities were critiziced not reacting fast enough and not being tough enough. It took them forever to bring the bombers and the men behind to justice and execute them.

So just to look like they are serious and not insult the most muslim population they also have to make harsh cases against tourists. The Schapelle Corby was such a case. Nobody in their right mind smuggle drugs from Australia to Bali. Normally it is the other way around. So it is very likely that the drugs were planted. The government was very fast to destroy the evidence so no DNA tests could be made proving that she hadn't touched the drugs.

So it is very likely that the authorities want a death sentence just to prove that they are tough on tourists too.

For more information, read this story below:

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