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Epileptic girl could be at danger in a wilderness program


The blog-entry below was found on the blog: Being Transported

A recent plea from a step-parent was found on the Internet and it is quiet alarming. A girl suffering from epilepsy was put in a stressful situation far away from health services which are needed to help her overcome a possible seizure.

--- Quote ---I looking for anyone who has good information on SUWS of the Carolinas.

My step-daughter is being held there. She was "escorted" there by a transport service 23 days ago. We are trying to get her released and need more information on the conditions of the camp.

She has epilepsy which is a concern, because her seizures are triggered by emotional stress (psychosomatic). We have had a phone conference with the Judge to request her release into our care. The judge doesn't seem to have an issue with awarding us custody of her, as our state says that any child over 14 can request a modification of custody. (Her mother is currently the custodial parent.)

The trouble we are facing is that the judge does not want to release her in the middle of a "therapeutic program" for fear of causing psychological harm. We are looking for good evidence to support that keeping her there would cause more harm than good. We submitted a letter from her psychiatrist that says removing her should not cause harm, but he is not convinced. We have a full hearing set for November 26th.

I am looking to paint a picture for the Judge of what the conditions at SUWS are really like because he just doesn't get it.

If anyone is willing, I need good information on living conditions, hygiene practices, meals, restrictions, pack weights, etc.

Can you help me, please?

--- End quote ---

That is quiet alarming. People with epilepsy are at an increased risk of death. This increase is between 1.6 and 4.1 fold greater than that of the general population. One of the key issues is stress. Being removed in handcuffs and leg restraints will cause stress. While people suffering from epilepsy are recommended to wear dark glasses being hooded to prevent the participants in wilderness programs to see where they are taken will be a huge risk provoking a seizure.

If a seizure occurs in a wooden area like the one SUWS of the Carolina, the paramedics could face difficulties to land their helicopter and save her life.

We know that a judge will have to rule in this case. Please release this girl now, so she doesn’t end up dying from a seizure far away from the emergency services which could save her life.


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