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Pile of Dead Kids:
What do you think would happen if they tried? They know this. So they're not dumb enough to do it.

Huxley over Orwell.


--- Quote from: Pile of Dead Kids on March 16, 2015, 07:51:13 PM ---What do you think would happen if they tried? They know this. So they're not dumb enough to do it.

Huxley over Orwell.

--- End quote ---

Interesting point; I see elements of both Huxley and Orwell in this society....

What would happen? Things are already happening; did you check out my post on the Troubled Teen Industry forum about CIA black sites?

Aside from owning the corporate media and using it to lie, spin, disseminate propaganda (and related false flags), they use "mission creep" to gradually push their agendas at home and abroad. The NDAA has a clause that actually allows the government to use propaganda on the people (If you don't believe this, I understand, but you can look it up.) Hell, you really needn't look any further than 9/11 (and the Patriot Act), or the Affordable Care Act for perfect examples of the deception consistently at play.

The last thing the internet needs, especially right now, is governmental control and regulation...yet I think it got passed. Do you really see much wrong with the internet the way it is now that needs their 'fixing'? They also want to start requiring licenses for journalists so that only the "approved" journalists have a voice on the internet (see the bill proposed by Diane Feinstein not too long ago.) Hey, if they really want to fix something, how about making it illegal for the NSA to spy on us? They don't need to, really, because that violates the Constitution to begin with...but THAT would be an improvement that could be made....

Pile of Dead Kids:
Sigh, the NDAA "propaganda clause"? Really? All that did was allow the Broadcasting Board of Governors to distribute its stuff to Americans.

The VoA and other BBG material are less propagandic than the stuff already on television (which I stopped watching years ago). It's another flavor of PBS and will probably get just as much attention. Forbidding the government to say certain things to its own people might have been fine in 1948 but makes absolutely no sense in the Internet age.

Seriously, read Voice of America webpages, and then read MSNBC and Fox News pages. Who exactly is propagandizing here?

Also, the whole concept of this argument is ridiculous; the existence of the Department of Education gives the government an easy inroad with which to propagandize the entirety of public school-going youth. Think International PBS can possibly be less effective than that?!

That reminds me, I have to check out RT and Al Jazeera America to read the stories that American news outlets won't print...

Well I don't know... absurd as it is, a clause stating that it's permissible for the government to use propaganda on the people (not to mention detaining people without due process!) is a little weird. I agree it is ridiculous; it's about as silly as setting up a "free speech zone," but they've tried to do that, too... A lot of things seem to indicate that they PTB are getting a wee bit worried about social unrest on the "domestic front," what with the de-dollarization of the world reserve currency, insane debt to a private institution (forget about a "ceiling," the roof is on fire!), and the imminent collapse that will inevitably follow. "All eyes on the stock market! Keep the gold prices smacked down! Tell them it's worthless while we stockpile it! Get those hedge funds buying up the real estate! Let's make it look good, so that the masses believe we're in a recovery! Expand that bubble!!"

Shall we mention the militarization of local police forces? The buffer zones around gov't buildings? Laws making it illegal to protest within certain distances of government officials? Attempt after attempt to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment? I'm sure you're up on all of this...How about the fact that the big banks are now referring to depositors as "creditors"? Why even HAVE a bank account right now?

I stopped watching the "idiot box" a long while ago as well, save the occasional viewing to see what kind of crap they try to push on it, and I couldn't agree with you more about Fox, NBC, etc. (of course, you might have gathered as much already from my statement about the corporate media being owned.)

I completely agree that public (and maybe most private) education consists of glorified propaganda...

Those are good news sources that you mentioned...

One thing: You didn't comment at all on the CIA black site in Chicago. As a program survivor, surely you find that troubling. Anyone should really, survivor or not, as we might as well be in Soviet Russia with that going on... and you know there have to be other ones (in this country, that is; we already know there are several CIA black sites in other countries) that haven't been outed yet. Thousands of people were out protesting in Homan Square.. Did the media cover it? I seriously doubt it, yet this is the reality.


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