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"Net Neutrality"

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Yea or nay? Why? Why not?

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Well it sure sounds like a good thing...

What do we know about it?

I think most of the readers here would agree that the "Net Neutrality" Act will do nothing to improve the quality of communication on the internet.

The FCC is refusing to release the 332 page document to the public. They will regulate ISP's as "public service utilities," which will give the FCC power to regulate internet content. Well, the Patriot Act and the Affordable Care Act both sounded good at first....

As for the internet as it is right now, WHAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE CHANGED??

No doubt these regulations are an attempt to control the flow of information and free speech. These new regulations will place the internet under the same Title II licensing that require broadcasting to be licensed by the FCC! It's amazing to me that anyone -- especially PROGRAM SURVIVORS, who really ought to know better -- would think for a minute that this is good in any way, shape, or form! Please step up now and speak your mind, the silence is deafening!



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