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From the "Free Jack and Thomas website":

The Cause

My name is Michelle Murphy and this “Cause” is to return my two sons to where they want to live and are wanted, with me!  I’m the mother of two sons Jack (15) and Thomas (13) Murphy. We have lived alone most of our lives and the three of us recently were living a beautiful life in Newnan, Georgia. Jack and Thomas were on the basketball team, football team, tons of friends, members of the church, just great kids. 

Then their father John Murphy, for reasons yet to be discovered started a nasty custody modification battle. Ironically based on a standing order that children are not be be removed from the jurisdiction of the case.  John claimed that I was moving the boys to South Carolina which would have violated that standing order.  How ironic that standing order was violated when Judge Baldwin permitted Jack and Thomas to live in the USVI and now in Utah, far from Coweta County.

It is believed after John realized according to his friend, lawyer and a sitting judge in Coweta County (where the case is being held and John Murphy’s home county) Judge Kirby shared that after age 11 the children can pretty much choose were they want to live. (video)  A question I have is: Why at the time did Judge Kirby not question my ability, competency or the job I had done virtually alone? Instead he told John the boys’ desire as to where they want to live will be granted.

So the plan went into action. In doing so John fabricated a lie about me; that I fondled my sons. They even had Patty Nice a psychiatrist testify to another lie; the boys told her I had fondled them.  My attorney, Millard Farmer was not permitted to complete his cross exam of her. Patty Nice, after returning from lunch was so heavily medicated that even Judge Baldwin said she was slurring her words.  Yet, no charges, no jail, no investigation. Why? Jack and Thomas would have to testify, the truth known, case over!   

Jack and Thomas were to testify during this case and were not permitted by Judge Baldwin.  The Guardian ad Litem, Lisa Harwell would not tell the truth about Jack and Thomas wanting to live with me or the truths of the lie. Judge Baldwin ordered an evaluation with Betty King and I refuse to do the evaluation because I felt after this long battle, I once again could not trust a judge that was hand selected by John via Taylor Drake, his attorney.   No random selection at the time in Coweta County, the trick is to have the court date on the day your judge is sitting, as Taylor Drake did.  As well as Taylor Drake donated money to Judge Baldwin’s campaign and was informed though not confirmed, the night before he was at a fundraiser with Judge Baldwin.  This next statement I do not have verification but it is my understanding Glover and Davis, the firm which Taylor Drake works for also represent Coweta County.  Something I am still researching.

Why would I trust an insistent Judge Baldwin’s order to have Betty King do an evaluation? Would you?  John’s team even insisted they they would pay for it.  A Judge Baldwin order insist otherwise.  I had an evaluation done and Judge Baldwin would not accept it. Why?  It did not substantiate their lies, they are caught, case over!

Judge Baldwin ordered them immediately to be whisked away to John Murphy and his wife Renee Haugerud’s home in the USVI. (video).  A violation of a standing order. After numerous pleads from Jack and Thomas to come home John had to step up the silencing of their pleas.  John Murphy and Renee Haugerud of Galtere, LTD (A Hedge Fund Company) recently put my two sons in a rehab facility for troubled teens, Elevations RTC.  I cannot comprehend how did Jack and Thomas go from a loving home with me in Newnan to a rehab facility for troubled teens in just over four months?

They are not allowed any communications with any of us, family, friends, coaches, pastors, or teachers. All their cell phones and internet taken away. As Jack said prior to going to the rehab center in a video secretly filmed, living with his father was “Like a prison.” 

None of this makes sense as to the reason for this act of trying to destroy two vibrant, healthy, happy young men’s lives.  Is it to save millions of dollars with proof of residence to capture the 90% tax break living in the USVI?  One stipulation of the IRS is if you have children, they must be enrolled in school.  Jack and Thomas are enrolled in school there.  Jack thinks it is for them to be heirs to their “empire” since Renee has no children.  Some think it is just spitefulness toward me.  None of this makes sense especially at the expense of these two incredible children.

For more information please visit their Facebook page Free Jack and Thomas: or there are more videos and articles available at  If you have comments, questions or wish to help this cause you may contact is via email at [email protected] or through our contact form.

Please help this “Cause” for Jack and Thomas to be released from Elevations RTC, as they are not troubled teens and return to their home with me in Newnan.  Our community and I need your help to make this happen. Please!

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Re: Two boys held in custody case at Elevations RTC (Formerly Island View)
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Jesus, this is disgusting. That judge should be prosecuted.
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Re: Two boys held in custody case at Elevations RTC (Formerly Island View)
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Or persecuted.