Author Topic: WWASP's Cross Creek (aka Youth Foundation Inc.) is now "Three Points Center"  (Read 3098 times)

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Specializing in adopted children –

press release:

Grand Opening of the First Ever Residential Treatment Center Tailored for Adopted Adolescents

After much anticipation, Three Points Center, LLC. is now licensed and accepting students. The new and highly specialized residential treatment center is specifically tailored to treat adopted adolescents, and serve their adoptive families who are struggling.

La Verkin, Utah (PRWEB) November 12, 2014

The residential treatment facility will accommodate up to 40 male and 40 female students. Three Points Center (TPC) is set up to support the facility’s unique and comprehensive 360-degree approach to treatment for adopted adolescents and their families. Formed in 2013, Three Points Center provides comprehensive, valuable and necessary services to adopted adolescents and their families. The primary purpose of our efforts is to heal wounds, understand identities, and draw families closer together through professional treatment and therapy. The owners, managers and employees of TPC have developed treatment procedures designed to support the highest levels of quality care and therapeutic standards.

Therapists Understand The Complexities Associated With Adoptive Family Life

When asked about what makes TPC unique, Dr. Brodzinsky, Professor Emeritus of clinical and developmental psychology at Rutgers University, answered “To meet the needs of adopted youth and their families, therapists must be adoption-competent. They [Therapists] must understand the complexities associated with adoptive family life and integrate these issues into their assessment process. It is then our responsibility to develop treatment strategies that are informed by adoption related experiences.” Unfortunately, for adoptive parents, this has been very difficult to find until now.

Three Points Center Ranch

To augment the residential facility, Three Points Center Ranch (TPCR) is also open to support the holistic approach of TPC’s treatment program. The Ranch, home to the animals used in the program, is intended to serve as a healing, therapeutic retreat for the students during their stay. “Although sending an adopted teen to residential treatment is a last resort for most parents,” says Dr Joyce Maguire Pavao, lecturer in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, “Three Points Center is focused on honoring, maintaining, and enhancing family relationships.”