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Wheelchair guy could have been killed by the Danish police


Here is a youtube video of a lucky guy. I remember when a another drunken man was riddled with bullets when he was lying down unarmed in a 7-11 only years ago. In another incident a policeman emptied his gun in random directions in a holdup in Koege where a robber was killed and a customer was injured in the foot.

Instead the police settled with kicking his wheelchair over and left him unable to move on the ground.

For some reason it was caught on video. We Danes are worried. Many years ago the police killed a man called Benjamin in front of the city hall in Denmark. It was caught on video. As result we got "Benjamins law" where additional taxes was put on empty videotapes making it too expensive for most Danes to buy tapes. What kind of evil punishment will the Danish government then put upon us due to this incident.

Police pushes paralyzed guy out of wheelchair, leaves him on the ground (Youtube)

About the shooting of the man in a 7-Eleven lying on the ground.

Shot by the police - A thorough investigation into the lethal shots fired by Danish police.
Murders committed by police officers

The Koege incident took place 5 years ago. I was unable to locate articles in English about this incident. A small store had been robbed. A policeman went to the store to watch videotapes hoping to find some of the robbery. While he was watching the tapes 3 teenagers tried to rob the store with knives. Unable to watch the entire store he emptied his gun from the office. One of the teenagers were killed. Unfortunately a customer entering the store at the same time was hit by a bullet in the foot. It was kind of lucky that no of the employees were killed but if it had happen it would not have made that difference as Oelby which the suburb in Koege is called houses mostly people from low-income classes.

The Benjamin case hat a huge impact on our laws. A song was written about the case. Amnesty critized Denmark. I can only find a Danish Wikipedia entry about the case: Benjamin-sagen (Danish Wikipedia)


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