Author Topic: 12 year old boy killed in trafic just after escape - group home fined  (Read 2112 times)

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Group home suspended, fined after 12-year-old resident killed
by Amanda Lamb, WRAL, April 9 2014

CLAYTON, N.C. — The company that owns a group home that housed a 12-year-old boy who was hit and killed by a car in March has been fined $10,000 by the state and temporarily prevented from admitting new residents.

In letters and a report obtained by WRAL News through a public records request, the state Department of Health and Human Services issued the fine and suspension to KMG Holdings Inc., which owns The Lighthouse on Ranch Road in Clayton.

Among the citations, the state said the group home failed to ensure that medications were administered to one client, did not keep current medication records for two clients and the 12-year-old, did not maintain safe and clean grounds and did not provide continuous supervision for two clients.

The facility has 20 days to appeal the suspension and 30 days to appeal the fine.

Khalil Todd, 12, was hit by a car on Ranch Road on March 10 after he ran out of The Lighthouse, where he had been admitted for behavioral issues.

According to the report, Todd had an argument with a staff member, ran down a hill and into a ditch, then went across the street. A staffer who was chasing Todd ran back to the facility to alert authorities. By the time they returned, they found Todd had been hit. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Staff immediately ran back, called [Todd] again and noticed a car pulled up to the shoulder," the report said. The employee "approached the car, while calling [Todd] at the same time, and asked the driver what was wrong. The driver stated 'I think I hit something' and then he pointed to the ground and staff noticed [Todd] in the ditch."

Neighbors said Todd was wearing all black and frequently saw him in the road, carrying a big stick.

The Lighthouse is a Level III residential treatment facility for young men with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Level III facilities are highly structured and supervised environments.

Neighbors said they've seen residents playing in the street.

"We just kept saying that something is going to happen, and pitifully, it did," said Phil Langford, who lives near the home.

Johnston County deputies have responded to the group home 213 times since 2006. The majority of calls were for neighbors reporting disturbances, residents going missing or trouble with patients.