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Bill Diamond running again in Maine



His opponent, a Republican whom I would be quite unlikely to support under normal circumstances, is soon going to receive a small treasure trove of information regarding Elan.



Diamond's friend is a pedophile and was caught. He says he was a s surprised as anyone

Matt C. Hoffman:
Wow the titans in my opinion of the defenders and protectors of the violent, brutal, sadistic, soul eating hell-hole known as Elan.

Ed was the lawyer for Elan ( Joe Ricci) and the lawyer for Sharon( Scarbrough Downs, and  Elan when she onwed it ) and well we all know about mister Bill Diamond. 

Bill grinning like a fool - that is about to waste a whole bunch of money -wonder how much money is in that envelope.

Bill it is certainly not enough( money) to wash the blood and tears and death from your hands for aiding and abetting Elan to exist in my opinion as a criminal enterprise that lasted for almost forty years.

Nice picture- the only three missing are Martin Kruglik ,Jeffery Gottlieb, and Sharon Terry - then you would have the entire Elan cabal.-a high straight flush, in my opinion, of serial sadistic criminal child abusers.

Survivors of Elan  know what they have done -and we are here. 


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