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Another BS ELAN Documentary

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Che Gookin:
I deleted the last 3 posts. I apologize if anyone feels rankled about this. I was emailed about this thread and was asked to look in on it.

Let me leave on this note. It is far better to just ignore posts you feel are offensive. Muppeter handled it quite well I think, gave a very good explanation as to what throat cutting is.

Please.  Get the fuck along.  The topic is the Elan documentary and as usual, you assholes could care less about actually stay on topic and maybe, just maybe, drawing some attention to something useful.  No.  Instead all you care about is this useless, pointless, bickering.  If none-ya (or whoever) breaks the rules, let me know via pm and/or email to [email protected] (email is quicker).  Otherwise, as I've already said before, taking things into your own hands will be counted as an infraction towards a ban.  Stay on topic and stop attacking each other outside of open free for all.


--- Quote from: none-ya on March 29, 2014, 04:30:57 AM ---Where is this explanation,and why can't it be spoken of again?

--- End quote ---
Because the rules, that's why.  Bitch at each other in OFFA.


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