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Hey I haven't posted in a while as things here seem to be pretty slow, but I do check in frequently to see if there is anything new and relevant to Elan. Thanks for posting this here. I've seen it floating around FB for a week now, finally sat down to watch it.

What strikes me the most is the sense that Ricci is not a very good liar. But he is great at obfuscation, doublespeak, and question dodging. But not a good liar. You can see when he is lying, he contradicts himself one sentence to the next, one thought to another.

Davidson, too, clearly displays the nervous tendencies of a liar, caught. How many times does he blink when asked about how children are kidnapped and taken to Elan?

What kind of a bullshit story was that, anyway? Personally speaking, my abduction was anything but nice, and the men who arrived to put me on Joe's Cessna (just two of them, not four), were masters of hypnosis or some other method of "trancing."

This gruesome twosome clearly played down the harsher aspects of the program in this short film.

Finally, a quick word for Anne Flynn, Martin Kruglik, Lynda Roy, Jeffrey Gottlieb, Tom Keoppler, Sharon Terry, Robert Allanach, and the rest of the "professional staff" <spit> at Elan. If they happen to see this missive, or someone who knows them happens to see this, I say to you: Prepare for your 15 minutes of infamy, it's coming, and the spotlight likely won't reflect too fondly upon you, especially those of you still hiding and not helping your former charges deal with the hand you dealt them. You cannot escape your past, remember that, always. I think Allanach and Roy have figured this out, but the rest of you former mid-80's staffers who have seemingly disappeared, or cannot accept that Elan was harmful, at best, and perhaps simply nothing more than a criminal enterprise, at worst, are going to be exposed to the light. One way or another, this darkness got to give. Woohooohooo.

We're all grown up, but we haven't forgotten what you did. Soon the world will know.

Nice that Marty can tell a 15 year old girl that everyone in the house wants to "cut your throat, and put you out of your misery"

How in the living fuck do they call that therapy?

The simple truth is, everyone wanted to cut Marty's throat and still do. That's why he carries a gun. Him and Art need to arm themselves because they know there are people who still want them dead.

Fucking evil scumbags, the bunch of them

Throat slitting was a common threat in Elan, even in my day.

The staff loved to talk about it, and used fear of throat slitting (typically the threat was implicit that it would occur while you were sleeping) as a tool of compliance.

When my PTSD flared up after the closing of Elan, it was the throat slitting threats that really came back clearly, and hit home the hardest.


Edit to add: Since my reply to another user was deleted in the's a bit more of an explanation of throat cutting as a tool of compliance.

Early in a resident's stay, (during my time in 80's at least), it was typical in one of the first propheets (in layman's terms: staff bonding with new residents via a schedule of psychological exercises known as propheets, loosely based on the book "The Prophet" by  Kahlil Gibran and appropriated from CEDU), an important first step was figuring out what the new resident feared about his new environment. Myself, being a fairly fearless 15 year old, did not have a fear to contribute at the time. So, a fear was invented for me, namely, that if I did not comply and please the other residents in the program as well as the staff, my throat could very easily be cut in my sleep. "My fear," as it was assigned to me by Elan staffer Lynda Roy, was that my throat could be cut in the night.

The assigned fear of any given resident was then used periodically over the course of program in later propheets, groups, and general meetings. But it would particularly come up when staff felt like the bond between the resident and the staff, or resident and program, was faltering.

Given the use of guided imagery in several of the later propheets, this fear of throat slitting was every bit as visceral and effective on the mind of a child as it was cruel and unusual.

As such, I am not at all surprised to hear Mr. Kruglik bring up this possibility of throat cutting to that young girl in the video. In fact, it seems like an ingrained, and oft-repeated phrase in Mr. Kruglik's (and other staffers) repertoire of verbal attacks.

Matt C. Hoffman:
"For the Child's Own Good” ( hahahaha) -Well maybe not for the children trapped in Elan - though it certainly was good for the pockets of Joe Ricci and Dr. Gerald Davidson- speaking of Davidson - Funny how he reminds me ( from this video ) of Martini from the movie "Cuckoo's Nest ".

Staged as all get out - Ricci was a pro when it came to “controlling the floor show” - what he wanted shown about Elan - I wonder why?


Did Joe Ricci know that if NBC and Robert Rogers had portrayed Elan truthfully that his magnificent scam and golden cash cow would have been slaughtered-exposed, and that he and his henchmen that helped him run it would have gone to prison?

- I think Joe Ricci knew what his Elan and employees were doing to children was in fact criminal - yet the money Elan was making Joe was really the only thing that mattered to him - therefore he had to lie about his Elan (as evidenced by this video and the other one "Children of Darkness”) -because it was really a continuing criminal enterprise that ran for close to forty years.

The general meeting -lol- depicted in this film is more like a “ haircut " ( a verbal reprimand ) during my time -and this video was filmed 3 years after I left – 1979  by NBC reports. - as my wife said it (Elan) should have been closed after this video aired -

Ricci indicts and contradicts himself many times - funny how he states the ring is not a ring and then in the same breathe states that in this corner we have the bully and he is introduced as the bully and then in this ...we have the house champion(s) and the bully never wins -why was Elan allowed to continue to exist after this film is beyond my comprehension-

Ricci actually states " the game " -a direct reference to Synanon - a cult that was shut down in 1991- A cult started in 1958 by Charles Dederich, that treated its hardened drug addicted clients /adherents with “the game”- It is funny to me  how Elan wasn't even  Ricci's own idea- though he did put his sick twisted spin on an old idea ( Synanon). Joe Ricci did make serious bank (money) by having his henchmen that ran his Elan, criminally and sadistically, abuse the living  daylights out of children and adults ( when I was there ) by directing those very  children to do the brutal, sadistic, violent abuse to each other - Elan's therapy was criminally insane.

In reference to the demise of Synanon –Paul Morantz- an expert on Synanon and cults writes in his book, Escape My Lifelong War against Cults “In the end Synanon went the way of Al Capone, a violent organization brought down by the tax code”.

Elan and Ricci fraudulently made money by lying to states, parents and insurance companies – Ricci and Elan took money for services that were not delivered to the states wards - Ricci lied to parents as to what he was doing to their children, and Ricci and Elan- fraudulently took money from insurance companies that paid for their clients to be there.

Elan was -"the big lie” - if there ever was such a thing- it was a sham of a scam that as a result  many people  lay dead in the wake of its legacy. Dead from suicides after their elan experience – many former “Elan residents” chose death than to come back and face more elan- oxymoronic- therapy.  This fact cannot be ignored any more. 

Elan needs to be investigated by the U.S. Justice Department for running a continuing criminal enterprise that lasted for almost forty years.  Bill Diamond a former state senator and many people in the Maine state government also need to be investigated, in my opinion, for protecting Elan and aiding and abetting Elan in its criminal endeavors.

Martin Kruglik is the cretin that is running the general meeting for that unfortunate girl - notice how he says “99 and 9 tenths of a percent of the people in here”, in this room, “just want to cut your throat” - Kruglik was one of the sickest of the sick - I remember him well (makes me want to vomit).

Honestly I seriously would like to know what Michael Skakel's opinion is concerning this depiction of Elan by this film? – I am willing to bet that his general meeting was nothing like the one that was staged for this film.


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