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Those freaking anniversaries

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Ok .So by your thinking, I shouldn't hate the seed either. They didn't personally harm me ,(except for 3 1/2 months of 10 to 10's, and the  lack of food until I made it home). But I'm not just speaking for myself here. I saw what they did to other people. Just because you were spared their wrath,(more than likely at someone else's expense) ,you have to at least remember what you saw and heard.You are living in a 40 year delusion,if you don't really believe that the seed did more harm than good. OOORR your ego won't allow you to believe you fell for the con.

Everyone has there own reality ......of there view of the seed program.....I just choose not to trash it or defend it......But you are welcome to see it as you see it.....but don't judge me, cause Im not judging you.......I have heard the horror stories and Im not denying those.....I have an open mind ......nothings set in concrete....

You and I went through the same program........did we get treated the same........I think not.......did we both finish.....No......But we can relate to some of those things we went through.....Did I get treated better.......Maybe......Can we talk about it......I sure hope so......cause were connected by this .........

So an open mind to you means"do what you want to others,just leave me alone?" I hope you never have my back. But you probably wouldn't anyway. Do you know what pushed me to split from home? When staff called my parents about taking on a newcommer. No way was I going to do that to someone else. And at the end of it all,my parents wound up agreeing with me that that place was nuts. I believe that the seed harmed you more than you realize. Just 'cause WE survived the kool aid, how many didn't? Unless that really doesn't matter........?

How extreme is your life, that you can look back on the seed with such ambiguousness. Are you on prozac? To have experienced it was to either love it or hate it. "Excuse me sir but how do you feel about systematic child abuse?" "Ahh, let me see. I can take or leave it. As long it's done in good taste I suppose" 
Aargg!! Pulling my hair out. For what it's worth, you and I are about the only seedlings left here.


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