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Those freaking anniversaries

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A mere 41 years ago...this day comes and goes now without much thought about what it was in 1973.
Thanks so much all the folks on this forum who understood, reached out, and were kind to me. Thank you.   

I went in in 1973 too.......41 years for me too......I celebrated my first anniversary in there and was still on the program.....I don't live in the past....Im not obsessed anymore with the program....People have a lot of mixed emotions about what they went through...I'll leave it at that...I haven't been on here in ages....I just happened to be going through my bookmarks and saw the site still saved to to you...

Welcome back Wolf. Still can't bring yourself to say anything negative about the seed? DAMN!

I'll bet you even liked those peanut butter sandwiches.

I don't defend it and I don't trash was a part of my life, I just try to improve my life daily.....The years have flew by....Everyone has their story and how they see it.....we just don't all see it the same way....noneya


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