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Why there is no surivior groups of Cedars Academy on Facebook?


Why there is no survivor group(s) of Cedars Academy on Facebook and social media in general.

A brief story about Cedars Academy:
Cedars Academy was founded in Bridgeville Delaware in 1989 founded by Neal Swartz and Mary Pauler. Neal Swart was one of the founding members of the Academy of New Horizons first founded in PA in 1978 an then move to NY in 1984 until he was exposed as a child abuser in 1988-89. Then left NY and move to Delaware in 1989, from 1989 to 2004 Neal Swartz escaped justice and always a step a head of the law by paying off the police, the media and the politicians to having the Anti-War movement protecting him. Although brought out by the ASPEN Group and later let go, Neal Swartz although retired still owns the State of Delaware as his own private thiefdom.

Reasons why there is no survivors groups for Cedars Academy?

While Neal ran his hell hole, many exposés about him began to spring up in chat room groups in Yahoo to AOL in 1998-2001 but all shut down via through Neal Swartz threat to use the courts to hire goons from the Delaware State Police to political connections. But on 2007-08 Cedars Academy survivor's groups pop up in Myspace and Facebook. But by 2010 Myspace and 2012 Facebook shut them down? Why? In Myspace Neal goons and his hackers shut down too many times. As for Facebook it's much more different it was a phony survivor group run by India Darling. The group was overrun by pro-child abusers including un repentant staff members. Even ex students who sold-out to the child abusers (or brain washed)of Matt Belanger, Tim Cousins William Thomas Schneider to Seth Lopato bullying the real survivors while India kicked them out the same time. India kick this member out in which was a very big mistake, for that he exposed the group to child abuse survivor's sites to his own site  on Facebook but shut down via Neal Swartz's on-line goon squad this became a three month on-line Mob War. By February 29th, 2012 Cedars Academy of Facebook was no more, was it shut down due to in-fight between Neal and India or on-line vigilantes that shut down? or was it the real victims who shut them down? We may never known.

If anyone known the reasons let me known


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