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Turnabout Ranch avoids lawsuit due to the law limitations


Unfortunately Turnabout Ranch manages to get out of a lawsuit which included alleged torture. 15 year old Elizabeth Verney told how she was subjected to hours of stress positions, threats of suffocation, exposure to animal abuse and regular public humiliation.

Unfortunately too many years had passed since 2006 when the poor girl was put through her ordeal, so the judge dismissed the case due to the two-year statute of limitations.

--- Quote ---U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups dismissed the complaint on Dec. 11 under the two-year statute of limitations that applies for claims involving a health care provider.

--- End quote ---

Utah Treatment Center Cleared of Torture Case (Courthouse News Service)

Se what other former students state about Turnabout Ranch:
Various statements (Tales-from-black-school-blog)

Turn-About Ranch has recently been purchased by Utah Business Holdings, LLC. -- a company comprised of current and past employees of Turn-About Ranch.

Turn-about Ranch came on the Dr. Phil show as independent program January 30 where they took an innocent 16 year old into their program. The dysfunctional family she was raised in got off rather easy being able to do their part of the hard work using an app.

Che Gookin:
An app? Seriously?


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