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Centennial Peaks Hospital and Fire Mountain Programs

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I'm a new CO resident looking to do some research, especially on Centennial Peaks as it is owned by the evil UHS, and on Fire Mountain because someone in my grad program knows the founder, and the website wreaks of abusive tactics. At least emotionally abusive and downright weird. Any info is appreciated!

Che Gookin:
There is a large anti-UHS group on facebook, not sure what it is titled, but the search function ought to help you find it.

I'm having quite a bit of trouble finding this facebook page.

Anyone heard of Fire Mountain. It's either in Boulder or [the town formerly known as] Lyons, CO.

CO people can appreciate what I mean. (yay flood...)

Che Gookin:
No, I don't know anything about the place. But, as for the UHS group on facebook, let me ask someone.

Much appreciated :-)


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